Looking back:

  • Since the last audit, has the job been delayed for any reason?

  • Check all the reasons the job was delayed

  • Poor weather

  • Materials delivery delayed

  • Other reasons:


  • What kind of weather is the jobsite experiencing?

Daily Progress

  • Did management visit the work area today?

  • Did any unusual visitors visit the jobsite? (List all visitors below)

  • What is the current work location (provide closest reference)?

  • Each day, take at least two photos of the work area (one from a distance showing the entire work area and others showing specific details such as transition between brick and block work, movement control joints, DPC installation, fire barrier installation, lintel installation, etc. ) Try to include some reference point in the pictures so the location can be identified later.

  • Photo of the general work area.

  • Photo of relevant detail 1.

  • Photo of relevant detail 2.

  • Photo of relevant detail 3.

  • Photo of relevant detail 4.

  • Photo of relevant detail 5.

  • Provide a quick estimate of daily production (ex. sq meters brick, sq meters block, lintels installed)

  • Are you working from the scaffolding?

  • Are brick guards in place?

  • Does the scaffolding need to be moved/altered in the next 3 days?

  • Has the main contractor been informed?

  • Take a picture of the scaffolding currently being used.

  • Has all waste been removed from the working area and put in the appropriate waste skip?

  • Take a picture of the waste skip

  • How many hours are being worked today?


  • Were any materials received today? List the materials and take pictures.

  • Are any additional materials or tools needed? If yes, what?

Brickwork checklist

  • Are all joints and perps of uniform thickness?

  • Are brick surfaces free from mortar droppings?

  • Are all weep holes free from mortar?

  • Have the movement control joints been placed in the correct location?

  • Is mortar color and texture consistent?

  • Is the brickwork free of excessive chips?

  • Have all additional items been installed (cavity ties, brick ties, DPC, cavity trays, lintels, fire barriers)?

  • If the answer was no to any of the questions in this section briefly explain issue and provide pictures as necessary.

  • Picture of quality issues if necessary.

  • Picture of quality issues if necessary.

Immediate issues

  • Do you have any issues that require an immediate review and response?

  • Please type a full description of the issue, adding pictures as needed for clarity.

Upcoming Events

  • Describe the plan of action for the next workday.

  • Take a few pictures of the next days work area. Take one picture of the general work area and additional pictures of relevant details (as an example problems that will need to be resolved prior to brickwork starting, work that needs to or should have been performed by others).

  • General picture

  • Detail Picture 1

  • Detail Picture 2

  • Detail Picture 3

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