1. Answer the applicable questions.
    2. Click Add photos and notes.
    3. To add a Corrective Measure click on "Add Action", provide a description, assign to a member, set priority and due date.
    4. Complete audit by providing
    FSRA Store Guidance Document

  • **Critical Observations can be found and scored in all areas of the store, however, will only count toward FSRA score ONCE per audit.**
    For Example: A101 observed at both Coffee island and Walk-in Cooler = 3 point loss from total FSRA score ( Not 6)

Critical Observation

  • A101 Temperature Control - Non Process Related Cold TCS foods are not maintained at 41°F or below.

  • A103 Temperature Control - Non Process Related Hot TCS foods are not maintained at 140°F or above.

  • A107 Temperature - Process Related Temperature Issue TCS foods properly handled at proper temperature & not temperature abused before being displayed.

  • A105 Temperature Control - Process or Equipment TCS foods are not maintained at 41°F or below.

  • A109 Temperature Control - Equipment Check Hot-held foods reheated to 165°F for 15 seconds. HACCP Check of Rethermalized products & Sizzli

  • A115 Food Handling Foods not protected from contamination.

  • A117 Food Handling - Contamination Foods on display not protected from contamination

  • A119 Food Handling TCS foods in code.

  • A121 Food Handling Foods from approved commercial suppliers & in sound condition.

  • A123 Equipment & Utensils Food contact surfaces of equipment & utensils durable, nontoxic & made of safe materials.

  • A125 Cleaning & Sanitation Food contact surfaces are cleaned & sanitized.

  • A127 Equipment & Utensils Chemical sanitizer solutions maintained at proper concentration & temperature

  • A129 Cleaning & Sanitation Chemicals are used correctly & used only for intended purpose

  • A131 Personal Hygiene Hands washed after contamination or changing gloves

  • A133 Personal Hygiene Food service gloves worn when handling food/food contact surfaces

  • A135 Personal Hygiene Associate health policy followed.

  • A139 Facilities & Controls Air gaps/backflow prevention devices in place.

  • A140 Food Handling HACCP logs completed properly & available.

  • A143 Facilities & Control Pest management is effective.


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