Inspections, cleansing and infrastructure - Management Aim: To ensure the sites remain clean and open for safe access and use by key holders at all times.
Inspections - Daily site check
Inspection notes
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Litter and cleaning - litter pick whole site
Litter picking notes

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empty litter bins
Litter bins notes
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Litter bins

Empty dog bins and clean as required
Dog bins notes

Dog bins
Clear dog mess from path and lawns
Dog mess notes

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Inspections, Cleansing and infrastructure

Furniture, signs, structures, gates and railings
Minor repairs to furniture, signs, structures and notice boards to be carried out as necessary following daily inspections
Repair notes

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Cleaning - Monitor and clean
Cleaning notes
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Timber treatment - Annual treatment with wood preservative or painting
Timber treatments notes
Railings - Re painting of railings
Railing notes
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Path and hard surfaces

Path and hard surfaces
Sweep, litter pick, clear debris to maintain access
Raking and removal of moss and weed build up
Pressure wash to clean and remove algae
Chemical weed control
Path and hard surface notes

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Lawns - Management Aim -To maintain lawns as a close mown sward with a minimum of 95% grass cover, minimal weeds and moss growth providing areas for sitting, picnicking and relaxation.
Grass cutting - Grass to be maintained as an even length between 15 & 40 mm
Grass cutting notes

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Grass edges - trimming - Edges to beds and paths to be clearly defined and neatly trimmed
Grass edges notes
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Clear arisings -sweep or remove by hand from path and beds
Arising notes
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Lawn - Winter Maintenance

Grass Edges, aeration, scarification - Operations to enable summer maintenance standards, cover and requirements for weed and moss control to be achieved.
Maintenance notes

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Spring/Autumn Feed
Grass areas - Repairs: Bare patches to be repaired and re seeded or turfed, water in until established
Lawn repair notes
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Bedding & Herbaceous

Bedding and herbaceous - Management Aim: Bedding and herbaceous planting provides colour, variety and interest to the squares. Reduce high maintenance areas, in particular bedding, to agree high profile areas such as entrances where it will have the greatest impact. Use herbaceous planting to extend flowering season and enhance biodiversity.


Summer / Winter - Agree design for new bedding and order plants
Remove autumn/winter bedding
Apply even layer of compost, farmyard manure or other improver.
Plant out new bedding to agreed design
Bedding planting / preparation notes

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Summer Bedding - Watering as required
Remove weeds, dead head and replace and failed plants.
Apply fertiliser during growing seasons
Summer bedding notes

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Winter bedding - Water for establishment
Remove weeds, dead head and replace any failed plants. Beds to be maintained in weed free condition with 100% plant cover
Winter bedding notes

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Planting season - new planting program as agreed, establishment maintenance inc watering
Spring maintenance - Mulch to 75mm
Summer maintenance - Weed and hoe beds to maintain 90% weed free condition
Autumn maintenance - Cut back and dead head, leave selected seed heads as agreed for winter effect and feeding birds
Divide and/or replace clumps, use healthy division to replant and extend groups - at least 3 of the same species to a group


Shrubs - Management Aim - to maintain all species to ensure healthy growth habit, flowering and fruiting. To manage beds retain and open up views and vistas, retain low level screening of roads and to establish plant layers and improved overall structure to the beds where required.

Shrub beds

Weed and hoe beds to maintain 90% weed free conditions
Top up mulch
Light trimming back of plants overhanging footpaths and beginning to restrict access
Watering - as required
Replacements of losses
Pruning and shaping as required
Shrub maintenance notes

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Spring maintenance - Mulch to 75%
Summer maintenance - Weed to maintain 90% weed free condition
Winter maintenance - Replacement or additional planting as agreed
Ensure supports are in good order
Climber notes
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Hedges - Management Aim - Hedges will be kept neatly trimmed at a frequency suitable to the species composition of hedges
Hedge trimming - Trimming frequencies to define by hedge species and heights
Summer - weed hedge line by hand - care to remove climbers through hedge
Winter - Regeneration of existing hedges
Replacement planting and establishment maintenance
Hedge notes
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Trees - Management Aim - To maintain healthy tree cover in line with strategy. Ensure long term succession by new planting and increase light to garden by crown reduction, lifting and removal of selected trees to an agreed program.
Tree safety - Ensure trees have been inspected and hazards resolved
Young trees - watering as required
Formative pruning to encourage strong leader and good growth form
Maintain weed free circle through mulching and/or chemical weed control
Check stakes/ties/guards and repair as necessary
Mature trees - removal epicormic/basal growth
Remove self sown saplings
Tree notes
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Leaf & Snow fall

Leaf and snow fall - Management Aim - To ensure safe access to the gardens is maintained at all times and to maintain the gardens and leaves largely clear of leaf fall.
Leaf fall - Lawns and path to be kept free of leaves during leaf fall
Flower beds - Bedding and herbaceous beds to be kept free of leaves during leaf fall
Shrub beds - Leaf fall to be cleared as required to maintain appearance of beds
Snow clearance - Clear paths and hard surfaces to enable access
Leaf fall notes
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Green waste
Composting areas - Managed, weed free and tidy
Green waste notes
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Clean inlets/outlets, filters, pipes and electrics
Irrigation notes
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Tennis court
Maintain court in safe and good condition fit for use
Tennis court noted
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Evidence of inspections
Equipment condition
Top up playback
Playground notes
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Health & Safety

Health and safety
Evidence of Monthly Health and safety audits
Evidence of PPE Audits
Correct reporting of incidents
Machinery safety - guards in place, safe machinery use
Machinery notes
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Evidence of Risk assessments
Evidence of COSHH files
Good tool management
Health and safety notes
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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.