Batch Sample Information

You may attach image of product design here.

Product Description




PO Number

Item No.

Order Quantity

Inspection Type

Sampling standard

Inspection Criteria Sheet

Style/Color Conformity
Attach image of client's product design specification sheet and compare sampled batch to the design. Attach images for proof of conformity/non-conformity.

Broken, cracked, missing, or wrong color accessory

Substituted accessory style, size, or position

Distroted, pleated, twisted, broken or rusted button/stud

Incorrectly placed buttons, beads or sequins

Wrong thread color does used with button, bead or sequin

Substituted buttons, studs or beads

Measurement Check
Measurement Point

Measurement Point


Size 12

Size 14

Size 16

Size 18

Quantity Conformity

Product Reference Number

Purchase Order Number

Order Quantity

Available Quantity [Pieces Packed]

Available Quantity [Packed CTN]

Available Quantity [Pieces Unpacked]

Not Finished Quantity

Sample Size [Packed Lot]

Sample Size [Unpacked Lot]


Attach summary of client's specifications on marking/label/packaging here.


Polybag Printing/Label

Inner Packing

Outer Packing

On-site Tests
Pull Test for Accessories

Apply a force of 6± 0.2kg for 10 seconds on all accessories by means of a pull gauge. Accessories must remain securely in place. If there is no pul lgauge available, evaluate by hand pull and include a note in the report.

Sample size

Did the item pass/fail the test?

Fatigue Test for Accessories

Check the fasteners (buttons, snaps, zippers, etc.) as intended for 50 cycles. Accessories must be undamaged without any loss of function following the test .

Sample Size

Did the item pass/fail the test?

Stretch Test for Elastic Fabric and Straps

Stretch elastic fabrics and straps to check the elasticity. They must have proper elasticity without elastic fibers or stitches breaking.

Sample Size

Did the item pass/fail the test?

Buttonholes Test

Button not sewn securely

Incomplete stitching or uncut buttonhole

One or more skipped stitches at buttonhole

Buttonhole incorrect size for buttons

Wrong direction of buttonhole

Buttonhole fraying around edges causing button to catch on threads need trimming


Final Comments/Observations

Overall Inspection Conclusion

Supplier's Representative: Name and Signature
Manufacturer's Representative: Name and Signature
Buyer's Representative: Name and Signature
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