Is a copy of the Policy on display?

An I given a copy of the Policy when I ask for it?

Does the most senior person on site. Know what the Policy says?


Can they access environmental laws?

Do they know that laws are included in Aspects?

Does a random person know about applicable environmental laws?


Can they open the Aspects database?

Are all the Aspects rated?

Can they print out the aspects database?


Can they produce a copy of their Objectives?

Can they discuss hot to reach Objectives?


Have they produced an account abilities list with persons identified?

Does a random person know their account abilities?


Have generic procedures had persons names filled in?


Do the have a training matrix?

Do they have a plan to provide training?

Has everybody been through awareness training?

Monitoring & Measurement

Are charts being prepared?

Copies of charts on notice boards?


Do they have an Emergency Procedure?

Are the planning to practice an Emergency?


Are files ready for records?

Management Review

Have they completed at least one Management Review?

Did the Management Review cover all the topics required by the standard?


Is there an Auditor training plan?

Do they have an audit list?

Do they have a site inspection list?

Have they done at least one site inspection?


Do they have a working document control system?

Does the document control procedure match what is happening?

Corrective & Preventative Action

Is there a register to record non-conformances?

Is here at least one non- conformance?