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Floors,Aisles and Access

  • Are aisle ways clear of obstructions?

  • Is access for people and equipment available.?

  • Observe staff entering or getting on equipment that they are using 3 points of contact

  • Are floor surfaces clean?

  • Are emergency exits clear?

  • Are emergency exists illuminated?

  • Is the area free of tripping and slipping hazards?

  • Are rag bins being emptied regularly?

  • Are rubbish bins being emptied regularly?

  • Is there adequate lighting in work areas?

Electrical Safety

  • Are all electrical panels clear of obstructions, at least 1 meter?

  • Are there no frayed cords or electrical over a walkway/traffic way that could be damaged?

  • Are safety switches regularly checked?

  • Select date

  • Are switchboards clearly labelled and kept clean?

  • Are all electrical outlet cover plates in place?

  • Are GFCI plugs installed in areas exposed to moisture?

  • Check all electrical cords to ensure that they are not permanently installed

  • Inspect all electrical cords for frays, missing grounds or signs of obvious damage


  • Are no items stored above chest height in store rooms that can fall and cause injury?

  • Are no items stored that can fall from a height?

  • Any loose items are stored on a pallet and stretch wrapped?

Product storage

  • Product stored at ground level is accessed by not bending or stooping?

  • No product is stored requiring reaching above shoulder height?

  • Product stored on racking above second level is stretch wrapped or tapped to hold in place?

Emergency Evacuation and Equipment

  • Are emergency procedures clearly displayed?

  • Where are evacuation procedures displayed?

  • Are fire extinguishers easily accessible and not blocked?

  • Have fire extinguishers been tested in the past six months?

  • Enter date when last tested

  • Select date

  • Are eye wash stations in good working order? Kept clean?

  • Enter date of expiry of eye wash solution

  • Select date

First Aid

  • Are names of first aides displayed?

  • Enter location where first aiders are displayed

  • Are first aid cabinets stocked as per the list inside?

  • Enter the date the last time first aid kits were checked

  • Select date

Plant and Equipment

  • Are safe operating procedures readily available?

  • Pick an operator.Ask them to find the safe work procedure for their current operation. Add finding below.

  • Are pumps free of leakages?

  • Are floors around equipment and chemicals free of spills ?

  • Are preventive maintenance records available?

  • Pick one piece of plant equipment.refer to its plant maintenance records. Note last PM record.

  • Does all parked equipment inside have keys in the cab?

  • Do all vehicles have wheels chocked that are being worked on in shop?

  • What is the condition of the jack stands and lifts?

  • Are all lifted vehicles supported by axle stands rather than the jack?

  • Are there lock out tag out procedures in place?

  • Are all walkways clear of obstructions (cords, air lines, creepers, etc..)?

  • Are all ladders in use in good working order (rubber feet, no broken rungs, cracks on side rails, spreader bars in place)

  • Are employees using ladders maintaining 3 point contact & facing the ladder while working?


  • Are kitchens and lunchrooms clean and free of scrap food?

  • Are washrooms and toilets clean?

  • Is there easy access to potable drinking water?


  • Are workers not exposed to high levels of noise?

  • Is hearing protection available for use?

Manual handling

  • Observe a job being completed. Are correct manual handling techniques being used to prevent bending,reaching,stooping,lifting,twisting?

  • Are mechanical aids being used to move pallets? Drums? Bags?

Waste control

  • Are prescribed waste bins being used for oily waste ( rags,containers,bags)?

  • Are there sufficient bins provided and are they being used?

  • Are spills being cleaned up ?

  • Are the waste bins not overflowing?Is general waste and prescribed waste kept in a separate area?

Outdoor areas

  • Do boundary fences provide adequate security?

  • Are access gates secure?

  • Is the speed limit of 5 Klms per hour well signposted?

  • Are gardens/lawns maintained?

  • Is outside lighting adequate?

  • Are there no potholes in road surfaces?

  • Are storm water drains well marked?

  • Is there no product stored over storm water drains or stored in a manner where it has access to storm water if spilled?


  • Are emergency exists only accessible from inside?

  • Is the roof in good condition?

  • Are buildings maintained?

  • Is the HVAC system maintained?

  • What is the date of the last boiler inspection?

Sprinkler Systems

  • Are sprinkler systems checked regularly?

  • Note date of last check

  • Select date

Spill kits

  • Are spill kits in an easily accessible location, do workers know their location?

  • Are spill kits readily available and stocked?

Storage of chemicals and hazardous substances

  • Is the size of the storage area adequate?

  • Is an appropriate fire extinguisher available in the area?

  • Are MSDS sheets readily available for each chemical and product located in the area?

  • Are there hazardous products are chemicals being stored in non hazardous designated area?

  • Is the hazardous substances storage area kept clean?

Workstation ergonomics

  • Is the general workstation lighting sufficient?

  • Is there an adjustable ergonomic ally designed chair?

  • Is the layout of equipment in the workstation designed for say access?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is PPE being worn? safety glasses,hi vis clothing and safety shoes minimum?

  • Is correct PPE being worn for the job according to the product safety sheet?

Pedestrian safety

  • Are pedestrians using designated pedestrian walkways?

  • Are pedestrians giving way to forklifts?

  • Are pedestrians maintaining 3metres from a forklift or giving way?

Forklift Safety

  • Are daily forklift checks being completed?

  • If a problem with a forklift is found is it tagged out and serviced?

  • Pick a driver. Have they signed the forklift Coe of practice?

  • List operator and date of signing

  • Select date

  • Are forklift drivers sounding horn on entry and exit to a work area.

Training Competancy

  • Pick an operator doing a specific task or at a specific workstation.List the operator name, task or workstation and the last time the on job competency assessment was completed

  • Select date

General Housekeeping

  • What score out of 10 would you give housekeeping?

  • Select from range

  • If a score of 7 or less, why?

  • Please add photos of areas of concern

  • Add media


  • Have any additional hazards not in the site hazard register been identified during this audit?

  • If yes, what are they?

  • Name of auditor

  • Signature of auditor

  • Add signature

  • Select date

  • Name of responsible manager

  • Select date

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.