Title Page

  • Installation

  • Customer

  • Technican

  • Year of Konstruction

  • Operation Hours

  • Order No.

Type of check

  • Fastening and screw connections

  • oil leakages

  • Bearin clearance of shaft 1 (mm)

  • Bearing clearnce of shaft 2 (mm)

  • Tooth clearance of bevel gear pair

  • Bevel gear pair of shaft 1+2 - nuts

  • Pitting

  • Bearing clearance of shat 3 (mm)

  • Zustand öl

  • Oil filter

  • Oil pump, oil circuit

  • Alignment gear box , drive sheave ,coupling

  • Celarance of upper/lower drive shaft gearing

  • Check of coupling (sufficient clearance, edge contact)

  • Lubrication of coupling gearing

  • Alignment gear box and drive motors

  • Cardan shaft (clearance of links , gearing)

  • Grease system of drive sheave bearing

  • Lubricating grease leakage

  • Pulley wheels (inlet, grounding, rubber , weld seam)

  • Position and adjustment of safety brake

  • Position of pulley wheel switch

  • General noise level

Date + Signatures

  • Date

  • Signature Technican

  • Signature Customer

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