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Site Specific Documents

  • Is the site specific work plan describing the current scope of work available?

  • Is the site specific Health & Safety Plan (HASP) available on site?

  • Does the HASP include the current tasks and associated hazards?

  • Have all GEI project personnel reviewed and signed the HASP?

Hazard Identification/Job Hazard Analysis

  • Was a Job Hazard Analysis performed prior to the start of work?

  • Have the hazards changed since the start of work?

  • Have there been any accidents, incidents, or near misses been reported during this project?

  • If yes, describe.


  • Are the site personnel properly trained to the requirements set forth in the HASP?

  • Are personnel training records available on site?

Medical Monitoring

  • Are site personnel required to be part of a Medical Monitoring/Surveillance program?

  • If yes, can the Fitness for Duty and Certficate for Respirator Use documents be presented?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Is the PPE identified in the HASP being used for each task?

  • Is the PPE being used in good condition?

  • Is the PPE being used as intended by the manufacturer?

  • Is the PPE being stored and maintained properly?

Respiratory Protection

  • Is respiratory protection required for the project tasks?

  • Do site personnel have a valid respirator fit test record?

  • Are the proper respirators being used?

  • Are the respirators being used in good condition?

  • Are the respirators being used as intended by the manufacturer?

  • Are the respirators being stored and maintained properly?

Site Control

  • Is the work area secure? (I.e. fences, gates, barriers, cones,etc.)

  • Is there proper illumination when working at night?

  • Are site zones required?

  • If yes, are they in place?

Good Housekeeping

  • Are all tools and equipment stored in the proper locations?

  • Are all conditions that could cause a slip, trip, or fall remedied or marked?

  • Are there hand washing facilities or hand sanitizer available on site?

Operating equipment

  • Is the equipment operating on the site in proper working order with all safe guards in place?

  • Has the contractor performed a daily check of the operating equipment? Was proof of this provided?

  • Can the operators provide maintenance records and equipment manuals?

  • Can the equipment operators provide certifications to operate the equipment on site?

Confined Space Entry

  • Does the work on the site require entry into a confined space?

  • If yes, is it a permit required confined space?

  • If a permit is required, is the GEI Confined Space Entry Program being followed?

  • Have emergency rescue services been contacted and able to respond in the event of an emergency?

  • What PPE and safety equipment is required for entry? Please list.

Hazard Communication

  • All the chemicals being used on site stored in proper containers, labelled correctly?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for each chemical on site?

  • If a bill of lading is required to transport any materials or chemicals, is it in the vehicle(s)?

Traffic Control

  • Are site personnel exposed to, or have the potential to be exposed to vehicular traffic?

  • If yes, are traffic controls in place?

  • Are high visibility reflective vests (ANSI Class II) being worn?

Emergency Procedures

  • Are the emergency procedures and contact numbers readily available?

  • Is there is a site evacuation plan?

  • If evacuation is required, do site workers know how to communicate evacuation and where to meet?

On site safety equipment

  • Are first aid kits readily available, properly stocked, and appropriately sized for the number of site workers? (see first aid kit content list if client is National Grid)

  • Are fire extinguishers located at the work site?

  • Are fire extinguishers readily available and inspected monthly?

  • Is a supply of water and electrolyte fluids available to site workers?


  • Are cellular phones available and operable on site?

  • If no, is a satellite phone available?

  • Are other means of communication being used on site? (I.e portable radios)

  • Can site workers identify the nearest phone land-line?

Trenches and Excavations

  • Has a utility location service been notified and any underground utilities been located?

  • Is proper benching, shielding, or shoring in place?

  • Is the proper access/egress in place, correctly anchored, and positioned?

  • Are spoils placed a minimum of two feet away from the edge of the excavation?

  • Are vehicular traffic and heavy equipment operating at least four feet from the edge of the excavation?

Electrical Safety

  • Has a utility location service been notified and all underground utilities been located?

  • Is lockout/tagout required to safely perform work?

  • Do site workers have the proper protective equipment required to work around electrical hazards? (EH rated boots, arc flash clothing, etc.)

Fall Prevention/Protection

  • Are site workers exposed to or potentially exposed to fall hazards?

  • Is a job specific fall protection plan available?

  • Have all workers read and signed the plan?

  • Have all site workers been properly trained in fall protection and prevention?

  • Has the appropriate fall protection system been selected and all workers fit tested and trained on the components of the system?

  • Are the manuals to the fall protection equipment available?

Other observations

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