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Gemba Walk Interview

  • How many people work on this step?

  • How many people have shared resources and work elsewhere too?

  • What percent (%) of the time do people have available to work on this step?

  • How long from the time work is available to you until it is passed to the next step?

  • How long would it take to complete this activity if you could work on it without being interrupted or without waiting?

  • What percent (%) of units received at this step are complete and accurate?

  • How many units are waiting to be worked on right now?

  • Is that normal?

  • How old is the oldest job in the queue?

  • Do you have to set-up anything (equipment, etc.) before doing this step?

  • How long does that take?

  • Photo (optional)

  • What system is being used for this step?

  • How do you track the needed information (reports, spreadsheets, etc.)?

  • Batching: Is work "bundled" before moving to the next department?

  • How many units move to the next step at a time?

  • What issues or barriers to flow make this step painful or time-consuming?


  • Observations

  • Potential Opportunities

  • Potential Solutions

  • Inspected by (Name and Signature)

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