Title Page

  • Homeowner Name

  • Date and Time of Call

  • Name of Call Representative

  • Name of QA Specialist

  • Evaluation Date and Time


  • Did the agent greet the customer and introduce themselves?

  • Did the agent confirm the address, email and phone number?

  • Did the agent say "All calls are recorded" (OUTBOUND)

Understanding the Homeowners Project

  • Did the agent demonstrate active listening?

  • Did the agent discuss the project with the homeowner?

  • Did the agent display good call control?

Key Ingredients

  • Did the agent follow AHO/OP Process?

  • Did the agent ask if this is their primary residence?

  • Did the agent ask about full frame?

  • Did the agent go over installation?

  • Did the agent ask about the house structure? (Single Family, Condo, Etc.)

  • Did the agent ask if they intend on selling?

  • Did the agent ask about construction or if the home was on the market?

  • Did the agent confirm that 60-90 minutes works for the homeowner?

Did Call Include

  • Did the agent offer the next available appointment?

  • Did the agent Recap the appointment date/time?

  • Did the agent ask if they were referred by a family/friend?

  • Did the agent offer further assistance at the end of the call?

  • Did the agent use proper closing?

Enabled Plus

  • Was the data and notes entered correctly?


  • Training Opportunities

  • Red Flags On This Call?

  • Full Name and Signature of QA Specialist

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