Title Page

  • Client / Site

  • Project Name

  • Project Number

  • Contractor Supervisor's Name

  • Conducted on (Date and Time)

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Work Overview

  • Number of contractors

  • Description of work

Contractor Documents Reviewed

  • Contractor certification & licenses

  • Public liability insurance

  • Professional indemnity insurance

  • Workers compensation/ personal accident insurance

  • Plant / equipment certification / registration

  • Safe work methods, procedures, instructions for work

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all hazardous chemicals to be used

  • Completed Permits to Work (PTW)

  • Lockout/tag out procedures

  • Traffic/ environmental/ site management plan

  • Site plans and services reviewed where digging / trenching will be completed

  • Communication procedures in place for remote/rural/ in isolation work

  • Are there any other documents reviewed?

  • Please specify

Induction Checklist

  • WHS Policy

  • Site rules (Mandatory PPE, drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.)

  • Site emergency evacuation procedures

  • Site first aid/ medical emergency procedures

  • Incident reporting and investigation process

  • Site sign-in / sign-out register

  • Overview of general access and restricted access areas

  • Overview of site hazards including those from work on site

  • Risk control requirements (Hazardous chemicals, plant, equipment, excavation, confined space work, etc.)

  • Site amenities and facilities

  • Site parking arrangements

  • Sub-contractor management processes


  • Recommendations

  • I have been provided with and understand the information (as indicated above) and will comply with the safety instructions listed.

  • Contractor (Name and Signature)

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  • Sub-contractor
  • Name and Signature of sub-contructor

  • Role

  • Company Name

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