• Flight Type

  • Site name

  • Date / Time

Preflight Check


  • Pilot

  • Co-Pilot

  • Visual Observer (if applicable)

Weather Information

  • Cloud Cover %

  • Temperature

  • Wind Direction

  • Wind Speed

Site information

  • Please check your local drone regulations and check if there are specific regulations that you need to follow.

  • Checked NOTAMS

  • Outside required proximity within nearest airport (please check your local regulations on this)

  • Safe distance from crowds, animals, property

  • Clear of overhead obstructions (e.g. Buildings, Power lines, Trees, Cell Sites, Houses etc,)

  • Clear take off and landing site identified

  • Secondary Landing Zone identified

  • Home Point identified

  • Safety signs erected


  • Obtained required airspace authorization (if applicable)

  • Obtained operational waiver (if applicable)

  • Pilot License (not applicable if drone flight is for government use) on hand

Drone Flight Equipment Visual Inspection

  • Gimbal Lock and Lens Cap REMOVED

  • Router and Transmitter ON

  • Inspect frame for cracks, loose parts

  • Motors able to spin freely

  • Propellers and hubs free from cracks or damage

  • Check for loose wires and tuck away

  • Batteries fully charged

  • Batteries inserted correctly

  • Controller fully charged

Firmware and Memory

  • Transmitter firmware updated

  • Drone firmware updated

  • SD card in camera with sufficient memory space

  • App updated


  • Signal and Satellite Strength checked

  • Calibrate compass

  • Inform spectators (if any)

  • Notes

  • Pilot's Signature

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