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Drywall Requirements

  • Construction hour signs and address are posted on all job sites

  • Gas / Electric utilities are removed (if found to be unsafe)

  • Permit and approved plans are on the site

  • Previous required inspections are signed off

  • Debris removed from underfloor area

General Inspection

  • Gypsum shearwalls are installed per approved plans and the prescriptive wall bracing requirements

  • The drywall ends break over the framing

  • Electrical outlet maximum setback is 1/4" from drywall face and no side gaps more than 1/8" to electrical outlet

  • Joints are staggered on opposite sides of the framing members

  • Ceiling drywall is installed over edge of wall panel per gypsum association

  • Sheetrock is installed perpendicular to framing members


  • All fasteners are approved gypsum board type

  • All screws are gypsum board type “W” or "S" unless otherwise noted and long enough to penetrate a minimum of 5/8” into wood and 3/8” into steel

  • The nailing pattern on walls is 8" on center at the ends and in the field. The nailing pattern on the ceilings is 7" on center at the ends and in the field

  • The screw pattern on the walls is 16” for 16” on center framing and 12” for 24” on center framing

  • The screw pattern on the ceiling is 12” on center for framing spaced 16” or 24” on center


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