Is the facility using the most energy efficient lighting options?

Are areas clear of excessive or unneeded lighting?

Is natural sunlight effectively used?

Are there lighting management equipment such as dimmers, timers and sensors installed?


Building Envelope

Is the building well insulated?

Is weatherstripping around doors and windows sufficient?

Are cracks around doors, windows and foundations properly sealed?


Heating and Cooling

Are furnaces, boilers and air conditioning systems operating efficiently?

Is there a regular maintenance and update schedule for these systems?

Are filters replaced regularly?

Is the building properly and efficiently ventilated?


Motors and Equipment

Is equipment maintained so that it is operating at maximum efficiency?

Are machines shut down when not in use?


Energy Behavior

Are lights, fans, and equipment (computers, printers, etc) turned off and unplugged when not in use?

Are building temperatures set back when not in use?

Are thermostats set between 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit?


Findings and Recommendations

Summary Report

Name and Signature of auditor