• Has the Playground been inspected monthly?

Surfacing (2.4)

  • Is there adequate protective surfacing under and around the

  • Is there deterioration of surfacing material?

  • Does the loose-fill surfacing materials have any foreign
    objects or debris?

  • Is the loose-fill surfacing materials compacted?

  • Has the loose-fill surfacing materials been displaced
    under heavy use areas such as under swings
    or at slide exits.

  • Is the area free of a obvious drainage problems ?

General Hazards

  • Is there any sharp points, corners or edges on the
    equipment (3.4)?

  • Is there any missing or damaged protective caps or
    plugs (3.4)?

  • Is there any hazardous protrusions (3.2 and
    Appendix B)?

  • Is there any potential clothing entanglement hazards,
    such as open S-hooks or protruding bolts
    (2.5.2, 3.2, and Appendix B).

  • Is there any possible entrapment hazard where the opening in an elevated surfaces is greater than 3.5
    inches and less than 9 inches?

  • Does all the equipment have appropriate use zones as recommended in the CSPC Playground Safety Handbook?

  • Is there any crushing and shearing points on exposed
    moving parts (3.1)?

  • Is there any trip hazards, such as exposed footings
    or anchoring devices and rocks, roots, or any other
    obstacles in a use zone (3.6)?

  • Are all borders secure and free of splinters ?

  • Is area free from overhead tree branches?

Materials construction, installation of equipment, and security of hardware (2.5)

  • Is the equipment complete no missing parts ?

  • Is there any loose fastening devices or worn connections?

  • Is all steel used for construction stainless or coated ( galvanised, powder coated, or painted ) ?

  • Are all end sections of tubular steel capped ?

  • Are all accessible bolt heads and nuts recessed, rounded or covered with protective caps and galvanised, coated or made from stainless steel ?

  • Are all components free from distortion ( eg. Not bent, vandalised or out of level ) ?

  • Is all steel chain and it's connectors galvanised or made from corrosion resistant metal ?

  • Is equipment free from excessive rust, or evidence of broken members or cracked welds ?

  • Are all plastic, fibreglass components free of cracks, damage or wear that would effect their durability or safe use ?

  • Are all fixed structures ( including footings ) stable and do not deflect by the loading or movement of the user ?

  • Are all footings and foundations covered with compacted soil so they do not protrude above ground ?

  • Are guard rails and hand rails secure ?

  • Are shackles and wire ropes operating smoothly and lubricated if necessary ?

  • Is there any damaged fences, benches, or signs on
    the playground?

General Upkeep of Playgrounds (4)

  • Is the equipment free of any modifications with
    such as strings and ropes tied to equipment, swings
    looped over top rails, etc? If no remove.

  • The entire playground is free from debris or litter
    such as tree branches, soda cans, bottles, glass, etc.

Opportunities for improvement

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