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Business Needs

  • What is the business need/ goal of the organization? What are we trying to accomplish?

  • What types and how many levels of goals are we dealing with?

  • What is the timeline for the organizational goals?

  • Are there any issue or problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible? How do we approach fixing this?

  • What are the expected outcome for fixed issues?

  • What are the possible root causes of issues in the organization?

  • What are possible solutions?

  • What are potential constraints?

Stakeholders & Partners

  • What individuals need to be involved as key stakeholders in addition to the ones already identified?

  • Do the stakeholders all see the problem and the goal in the same way? If not, what are the differences in perspective?

  • How will various stakeholders work together to resolve issues of the organization?

  • Who are the organization’s partners and competitors?

Performers & Performance

  • What components/performers (staff/departments/facilities/organizations) are most involved in achieving the business goals specified above?

  • How would staff and or organizational performance help us reach our goals?

  • What are the desired outcomes from the performers (staff/ departments/ facilities/ organizations) that are most involved in achieving the organizational goals? (i.e., what is the end result of the things that the performers do that is valuable toward achieving the organizational goals?)

  • How do we gather performance data?

  • What indicators are used to measure performance of processes and tasks?

Factors Affecting Desired Performance

  • What helps our project management leaders and members do their job well?

  • What hinders them from doing their job well?

  • Are job expectations and authority clearly communicated orally or in writing?

  • Are job descriptions aligned with organization's strategies and supported by clear policies, processes and realistic workloads?

  • Do employees receive fair compensation, including salary, benefits, allowances, and other non-monetary forms of compensation?

  • How well do employees know the performance standards? How do they find out about them?

  • Do employees have the necessary tools and physical resources they need to work effectively?

  • What measures are in place so that the workplace is safe from infection transmission, accidents, and workplace violence for its employees and clients?

  • Do employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs?

  • Do personal attributes of individuals affect their ability to work together and achieve their goals?

  • Do the mission of the organization and various aspects of the job motivate the employee to perform well?

  • Is employee or institutional performance affected by factors in the external environment (outside of your organization or institution)?


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