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Car Park Area

  • All car park areas are clean and free of debris?

  • Car park area striped?

  • Car park area is in good repair?

  • Are the fence and gate in good repair?

  • Is the landscape free of debris and properly maintained?

  • Disabled parking reasonably compliant per DDA regulations? (U.K. only)

  • Disabled accessibility to the building reasonably compliant per DDA? (U.K. only)

Car Park Lighting

  • Is there adequate security lighting for employees and vehicles?

  • Car park light Lenses cleaned annually?

  • On/Off of car park lighting controlled by photocell?

Building Colours

  • Interior and exterior of door frames and window frames are the appropiate tradedress colour?

  • Pole for pole sign is painted the correct tradedress colour?

  • Body of the building is painted light colour?

  • Building trim/ accents are painted dark colour?

  • Building is properly maintained and representative of company standards?


  • All signs conform to tradedress/ trademark standards?

  • Are your reserved spaces properly identified with signage?

  • Are cars parked in a safe area?

  • Signs re-lamped as appropiate (T8 Aura lamp every 8 years, T12 every year)?

  • On/Off of signs controlled by photocell?

  • Is the Pole/ Monument/ Building sign visible/clear of trees and bushes?

  • Door decal/ hour sign/ .com sign posted on entrance door?

  • Gate decal/ hour sign/ .com posted at gate?



  • Adequate seating for customers in lobby area?

  • Lobby is free of clutter including a coffee/ tea pot (kettle), or any other dispensers?

  • Transaction area is clean and free of all materials except the counter mats?


  • Furniture clean and in good working order?

  • Personnel facing towards lobby?

  • Does branch have reasonable availability to service disabled customers in compliance with DDA? ( U.K. Only)

General Office

  • Does the customer see a clean and professional office environment?

  • Are all cable/ wires in customer view properly managed and concealed?

  • Is there wayfinding signage to help customers find your transaction space?

  • Are all exits to the properties properly secured?

  • All electronic office equipment is in good working order?

  • Does the manager regularly check branch computers and the branch network for foreign devices (key loggers, credit card skimmers, rogue network devices and other unknown systems)?

Branch Marketing

  • Interior Illuminated Sign?

  • Counter Mats- placed directly in front of each computer terminal at the transaction area?

  • Marketing posters are the current version, hung in a professional manner with the bottom of the frame at 110cm above finish floor?


  • Ceiling in the general office area is in good condition

  • Ceiling air conditioning (if applicable) & heating vents in the general office are clean?

  • All interior lights are working properly?

  • Light lens covers in the general office area are clean?

  • Light lense covers are in good repair?

  • Light fixtures re-lamped/ lens covers cleaned every three years?

  • 24 hour light in use for security?


  • Walls and glass in the general office area are clean?

  • Walls and glass in the general office area are in good repair?

  • Interior walls are the correct tradedress colour?

  • Is the skirting board clean and in good repair?


  • Publicly required legal notices- hung in a professional manner with the appropriate tradedress frame?

  • Employee notices, other current legal postings displayed in an employee area in a neat/ organized manner?


  • Flooring is clean, stain free and in good condition?

  • Carpet is professionally cleaned a minimum of 3 times per year?

  • Standard Enterprise carpet tile?

  • Porcelain tile or Walk off carpet in lobby area? (For high traffic area)

  • Logo Mats are not present at the site?


  • Toilet room is Clean?

  • Toilet paper is available at all times?

  • Toilet room walls/ ceiling painted semi-gloss -Light in color or a tradedress accent color?

  • Privacy lock on toilet room door?

  • Toilet in good working order?

  • Toilet room sink that dispenses warm water?

  • Mirror in toilet room?

  • Properly stocked paper towel dispenser or electric hand dryer in toilet room?

  • Properly stocked soap dispenser in toilet room?

  • Properly functioning ventilation?

  • Toilet room rubbish bin has a clean exterior and emptied daily?

  • Coat hook on back of toilet room door?

  • Toilet room is clutter free?

  • Has reasonable accomidations been made per DDA for toilet room? (U.K. only)

Kitchen / Breakroom

  • Designated break area?

  • Drinking fountain/ Water cooler- clean and in good working order?

  • Breakroom table and chairs are clean, free of debris and in good working order?

  • At least a 3.6 cubic foot refrigerator clean and in good working order in the break area?

  • Microwave clean and in good working order? (optional product)

  • Coffee/Tea pot (kettle) clean and in good working order? (optional product)

  • Cabinet in break area to accommodate refrigerator, microwave, coffee/tea pot?

  • Statistic boards, computers, phones not located inside break room?

  • Artwork in the break area is hung in a professional manner?

  • Founding Values Poster-Hung in a professional manner in an Employee area.

  • Break room ceiling is clean?

  • Break room ceiling is in good repair?

  • Break room walls and glass are clean?

  • Break room walls and glass are in good repair?

  • Break room floors are clean?

  • Break room floors are in good repair?

  • Is the break area clean and clutter free?


Branch Security

  • Is there a safe for keys and cash?

  • Is the safe combination guarded (not in a rolodex, etc.)?

  • If accepting cash is there a time delay safe?

  • Is the safe located behind the counter in an area where employees do not go out of view to access the safe?

  • Is drop box of commercial grade/ professionally installed/ in good working order?

  • Is the rear door properly secured?

Branch Safety

  • Is a written opening and closing plan in force?

  • Is a document destruction container or device in use?

  • Does the manager have readily available to their employees the Health and Safety policy and do they acknowledge they are communicating the Health & Safety policy and ensuring their employees compliance?

  • Are all security cameras and their recording devices working and properly secured?

Bucket Wash Area

  • Wash area is organized and set up for success?

  • Wash area is free of trash?

  • Wash area is sized and built appropriately so not to create water damage to surrounding area?

  • Wash area built and operated within local legislation?

  • Is washpad concrete?

  • Is the concrete washpad slip resistant (I.E. rough broom finish)?

  • Is there proper drainage in the wash area?

  • Wash area ceiling is in good condition?

  • Wash area walls and glass are in good repair?

  • All wash equipment (vac, heaters, etc...) is working properly?

  • Wash area water hoses are free of leaks?

  • Current Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all liquid, gel, and aerosol products are located near car wash supplies?

  • Eye wash station is clean, in good working order, and if required by the location's SDS, able to provide a 15 minute continuous flush?

  • All liquid, gel and aerosol products are properly labeled per SDS?

  • All liquid, gel and aerosol products are properly stored per SDS?

  • All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as required by the location's MSDS are on site, readily available, in good working order, and the Manager confirms the PPE is consistently and properly used.

  • Lighting in the vehicle prep area is clean and in good working order?

  • Is the interior of the branch on the current tradedress?

  • Is the exterior of the branch on the current tradedress?

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