EPA Licence 1378 - (400-215)

  • Have Ink Store personnel received appropriate training to operate in the Ink Store?
    (Speak to the Ink Maker and check the induction records)

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EP301 - Aspect No 5 / Yum compliance 3.4

  • What would the impact of a spill on the environment should it not be cleaned up effectively?
    (Ask employee, eg, adverse publicity, contamination of the wet lands or fines)

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  • Are spill response kits located in the ink room area and are personnel aware of the location?

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304-1 Aspect No 5 & 8 / Yum Compliance 3.4.

  • Are Ink Makers aware of the Storm Water Shut off Valve and it's function?
    (Ask employee location)

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  • Is the spill response kit located in the Ink Room appropriately stocked?

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WHS Regulations 2012 - Regulation 344

  • Are SDS's for chemicals in the Ink Room readily available at point of use?

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  • Are SDS's up to date (5 Years) as required by legislation?
    (Do a random check of SDS's)

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  • Rate the housekeeping at the Ink Room at the time of the audit.

  • Report the housekeeping standard to the Factory Manager.

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    This audit was part of the 2014 Internal Audit Timetable, scheduled for the Gepps Cross EMS. The aim of this audit was to establish compliance with EPA licences, internal environmental procedures and supplier compliance regarding environmental impacts, training and WHS regulations.

    This audit was conducted on the Ink Storage area by interviewing the Ink Maker regarding the impacts of spills on the environment, location of spill kits and the location and function of the storm water shut off valve.





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