This is a section. Sections add headers and help organize each part of your inspection. You can also calculate scores for each section —>

  • This is an inspection question. You can customize your inspection questions and select your preferred response types including multiple choice, free text, number inputs, media and more. Type “wow!” to continue

  • This is a multiple choice type question. Multiple choice questions are recommended to provide the best analytics and let you mark particular responses as failed. Failed responses will be flagged.<br><br>Select "Yes" to continue.

  • This is a checkbox question and can be used for simple checks. This question has been shown based on your answer of “Yes” above. “Yes” was selected as a logic field. Logic fields display questions based on responses to previous questions in an inspection. Check the box to continue.

  • You can also add additional information to your responses. Below this multiple choice question, there are options to attach notes, media and create corrective actions. <br><br>Select a multi-choice response and create an action to continue.

Other question types - number, signature & media fields

  • Number fields can be used for recording numeric inputs. Enter a number between 1-10 to continue.

  • This is a temperature field. Temperatures can be manually input or input using Bluetooth thermometers. Temperature can be displayed in both C° or F°.

    Enter a temperature between 0°C - 10°C
  • Media fields can be used to take a photo or upload a PDF to support your inspection

  • The temperature you entered was not between 0°C - 10°C. Try again.

  • This is an instruction. You can add instructions to your inspections to provide additional information and guidance.

    The number you entered was not between 1-10. Try again.

  • Signature fields are best used at the end of an inspection to get sign off

  • This is an instruction. You can add instructions to your inspections to provide additional information and guidance. There are more question types and customizations available in the Template Editor.

    Mark this inspection as complete to view your inspection report and then get started building your first template from the templates tab.

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