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Solid Waste Management Project, Uttan ( घनकचरा प्रकल्प, उत्तन)

  • 1. Area Reference photo

  • 2. Is there any garbage dumpsite found at the location?

  • 3. Is there any person in charge available at the dumpsite?

  • 4. Is there any remediation work in progress/completed?

  • 5. Total amount of legacy waste identified found at the dumpsite (TON)

  • 6. Total amount of legacy waste remediated (Completed & On-Going) (TON)

  • 7. Amount of waste dumped on a daily basis (in TPD)

  • 8. Are the plant employees in uniform? (प्लांट वरील कर्मचारी युनिफॉर्म मध्ये आहे का?)

  • 9. Is the plant clean? (प्लांट वर स्वच्छता केलेली आहे)

  • 10. Does the plant experience foul odor? (प्लांट वर घाण वास येतो ?)

  • 11. Is segregated waste accepted at the plant? (प्लांटवर वर्गीकृत केलेला कचरा स्वीकारला <br> जातो का?)


  • 1. Inlet water

  • 2. Outlet water

  • 3. Quality & Quantity

  • 4. How many times is the RO cartridge changed in a day? (RO कार्टेज दिवसातून किती वेळा बदलले जाते.)

  • 5. Inspection of daily inflow/outflow

Sanitary Landfill Site

  • 1. Area of the Landfill

  • 2. Total percentage of work completed

Bio mining Plant

  • 1. Old waste processing

  • 2. Segregation

  • 3. Soil

  • 4. Percentage of remediation to be completed by June 2024

  • 5. Is inert/C&D waste sent for road construction to NHAI/ PWD?

  • Project name

  • Distance (km)

  • Quantity sent (TPD)

  • 6. Is RDF sent for energy recovery to WTE/ cement plant?<br>

  • Project name

  • Distance (km)

  • Quantity sent (TPD)

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