5S Audit


  • Area is clear of excess, unnecessary or obsolete material, parts, products, tools, equipment, documents and other items, including in drawers, cabinets, desks and carts and on tables and shelves.

  • Personal items are stored away from immediate work area, as allowed, in a border or home location marked with an address. No food or drink containers except where specifically permitted or allowed.

  • No loose papers, handwritten signs or instructions posted or displayed. Posted information is (a) machine printed, (b) laminated or held in protector or frame, (c) quality system compliant, and (d) posted by approved method.

  • All visual boards, posted documents and information and communication displays are complete, clear, neat, accurate and current. No obsolete or unused documents or information.

  • No safety hazards present in the work area. Nothing leaning. No slip or trip hazards. No exposed, unguarded moving machine parts or pinch points. No cables, hoses, exposed wires. Nothing on top of machines or cabinets.

S2 - SET

  • Equipment, tools, material, containers, waste, storage and information are set in place to minimize minimal waste and ensure good movement & flow of parts, materials, people, tools and equipment.

  • Cabinets, shelves, drawers and desks are organized, neat & free of unnecessary materials, items, paper or clutter, so that missing items or the need to replace or replenish contents is clear.

  • Defective, scrap, abnormal or otherwise non-conforming or suspect material, parts, products, tools & equipment are separated from good items, stored& properly identified, in compliance with quality system. Maximum levels posted.


  • Floors, walls, equipment, machines, work surfaces, desks, stands, cabinets, tables, tools, storage areas and conveyors are free of dirt, debris, oil and fluids.

  • Cleaning is done quickly when needed, every shift at a minimum, according to a posted, visual checklist or zone map with responsibilities identified. Windows, guards and deflectors are clean and in place.

  • Machines have been cleaned, inspected & marked for leaks, vibrations, emissions, unusual noise or other abnormal or hazardous conditions – disabled & tagged if severity of hazard requires it.

  • Machines, tools, fixtures equipment and other items are in good condition or have work orders or other requests submitted for their repair or replacement.


  • All machines, tools, carts, boxes, containers and equipment that moves has a clear label, and a border or home location clearly addressed with standard contents. All non-moving items are clearly labeled.

  • Travel aisles are clearly marked, visible and unblocked. Use by pedestrian or PIV is clearly indicated. Floor paint and tape or paint marking of aisle borders, directional guides and other traffic markings are in good condition.

  • Materials, parts, and completed product have a clear label, and a border or home location addressed with the standard contents, following standard color coding. Maximum and minimum / refill quantities are posted.

  • Cabinets, shelves, drawers and other storage units’ contents are clearly labeled, and have a border, addressed with the standard contents.

  • Adequate returnable, recycling and waste containers and areas for all items that are recycled or returnable are available in convenient locations, clearly labeled with addressed borders and home locations.

  • Fluids and materials are stored & marked properly, compliant with all safety standards. Any hazardous materials are properly stored and marked according to EHS hazardous material handling and storage requirements.

  • Safety equipment and escape routes are clearly displayed and easily located and accessed. Access to fire equipment and electrical controls, panels and cabinets are marked and free of obstruction.


  • Material, parts, products, tools, equipment and papers are properly labeled, and fully inside their addressed border or home location, unless in use. No items hanging across a border, outside home location marking.

  • All machine guarding and visual safety devices, notices and warnings are in place and working.

  • Emergency, PPE and other safety supplies and equipment are adequate, available, labeled, working and in use as needed.

  • Cleaning supplies, materials and tools are neatly stored, clearly labeled, in their addressed border or home location, easily accessed and readily available. No mop buckets with dirty water left in them.

  • Scrap, recycling and waste containers are properly used and emptied as needed - none overflowing or over full line. Contents are sorted into their proper container.

  • 5S Audits are conducted regularly according to a set schedule. Results are posted, tracked & reviewed regularly with team members. 5S improvement plans are in place and on track.

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