Traps and bug lights properly positioned & in good condition

No evidence of animals waste (dogs, etc) structural infestation (insects), or pests in the area or around the equipment

18" space around the walls & space is clear

Ingredients stored off the floor in closed bags

No presence of mold or decomposition

Openings in doors, floors, & walls are sealed

Perimeter control for rodent/insect/bird is in place


Equipment, cleaning utensils & chemicals are clean and stored in correct location

Cabinets are free of debris, clean and in good condition

Cleaning supplies/tools/ lubricants are stored properly ( ex: food grade stored separately from non-food grade lubricants)

No evidence of food, drink, tobacco in any area other than designated areas

No jewelry (earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, etc) worn in production areas

No evidence of spitting or foul personal habits

No chemicals stored near exposed product

No usage of raw or finished product packaging for trash or scrap

Hand washing practices are being followed

Uniforms are worn correctly and in good condition

No food containers are used for nonfood use

Doors are left closed when not in use


Footbath stations in acceptable condition

Cleaning tool stations are in acceptable condition


Hearing protection is being used

Bump caps/hard hats are being used

Safety glasses are being worn

Safety shoes are worn and in good condition

Goggles & face shields used when appropriate

Gloves, goggles & chemical safety suits in use while foaming

No unsafe behavior observed


Only site-issued knives are used


No areas in need of painting

No cupped channel supports or other dust catchers

No equipment rusting out or leaking product ( creates additional cleaning required)

No badly stained equipment, floor, etc

No solid bottom guards or supports not accessible for cleaning

No damaged insulation or insulation covers

No oil or grease leaking into the product zone

There is proper maintenance of associates facilities (restroom, break room, locker room, etc)

No evidence of water leakage/oil leakage

No temporary repairs using tape, burlap or other materials

No water condensate in contact with product

No presence of broken glass

No equipment open to contaminants


Proper waste-handling systems are installed (storage, etc)

Weed control is used

Ceilings are protected against potential for harborage

No standing water present

All exterior doors are locked

Perimeter fence is in good condition

Exterior walls are in good condition

Light fixtures are protected

Lighting is adequate in area


All containers are clearly labeled

Storage locations/cabinets are clean and in good condition


Wearing correct PPE

No unsafe behavior observed


Hazardous waste are in good condition

Oil and petroleum sources in good condition (All labeled, no leaks, upright, and spill kits available)

No co-mingled trash/recyclable

Full Name and Signature of Inspector