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ISM Internal Checklist

  • ISM 001 SBM Ch 0 Bridge Are all policies signed by the current Operations Manager?

  • ISM 002 SBM Ch 0 Bridge Is the Policies Poster posted in a prominent place onboard?

  • ISM 004 SBM Ch2.6 Bridge Is the evidence of Shipboard inductions taking place?

  • ISM 007 SBM Ch 2.6 Bridge Does all the crew hold a valid Medical Certificate?

  • ISM 008 SBM Ch 3.1 Bridge Is the Emergency contact lists available and up to date ?

  • ISM 009 SBM Ch 3.1 Bridge Is the drill register up to date and reflect the requirements of the Statutory drills / Drills Matrix?

  • ISM 019 SBM Ch 9.2 Bridge Has the Masters review been carried out by both Masters, or have both Masters signed the one review?

  • ISM 020 SBM Ch 9.4 Bridge Has the vessel received feedback from the office on the Masters Review (Minutes of the of the ISM Management review)?

  • ISM 022 SBM Ch 10.1 Bridge Are the last 2 On board Safety Meeting Minutes available, along with acknowledgement from the office?

  • Bridge Are the last 2 Quarterly Safety Committee Meeting Minutes available, along with evidence of discussion onboard?

  • ISM 034 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge Is the Master aware of the Severe Weather Plan?

  • ISM 053 SBM Ch 2.1 Master is the Master aware of his responsibilities with regards to onboard discipline?

  • ISM 057 SBM Ch 2.6 Master Are crew appraisals being carried out as per SMS?

  • ISM 058 SBM Ch 2.2 C/O Is the Chief Officer aware of his responsibilities as vessel Safety Officer?

  • ISM 055 SBM Ch 2.3 Has the Master Change of Command checklist been completed by the off signing Master?

  • ISM 056 SBM Ch 2.3 Master Has a full & complete set of handover notes been completed by the off signing Master?

  • ISM 062 Are the last three month's SIPs available and have any Repair Forms or NCs been generated?

  • ISM 054 SBM Ch 2.2 Master Is the Master aware of where to find his guidance on his overriding authority?

  • ISM 097 SBM Ch 10.1 Crew Can the crew identify the DPA and deputies? Are they able to state the last visit by the DPA?

  • ISM 099 Bridge Has the SMS been signed by all crew members? (Take a sample, check knowledge)

  • ISM 100 SBM Ch 11.8 Mess Bridge Has all corrections to the SMS been noted on the SMS Correction Sheet?

  • ISM 101 SBM Ch 3.1 Walk Around Is the Muster List Posted in a prominent place and updated with the crew onboard?

  • ISM 108 SBM Ch 11.5 Walk Around Is the Anchors (or 1 x anchor) cleared and ready for use?

  • ISM 109 SBM Ch 11.6 Walk Around Is the gangway safe, accessible?

  • Is there a copy of a Valid DOC Onboard?

  • Does the vessel have an in date International VIA and OVID Report onboard?

  • ISM 095 SBM CH 2.2 Crew Are crew members aware of where to find their Job Descriptions?

  • ISM 096 SBM Ch 3.1 Crew Are all crew aware of their responsibilities during an Emergency?

Document Control

  • Are correct forms in use?

  • Are any obsolete forms, publications or expired certificates on board?

  • Is there a transmittal file and do all documents have control numbers?

  • Does vessel carry publications in accordance with minimum checklist?

  • Is the correct SMS issued to the vessel?


  • ISM 010 SBM Ch 4.1 Bridge Is the garbage record book kept up to date and completed correctly?

  • ISM 011 SBM Ch 4.1 Bridge Does the waste receipts match the quantities stated in the garbage record book?

  • ISM 102 SBM Ch 4.1 Walk Around Are garbage segregated bins available and does the crew utilise them?

Enclosed Space

  • ISM 023 SBM Ch 10.2 Bridge Are the crew fully aware of the enclosed space entry procedures and the need for office permission to enter?

  • ISM 031 SBM Ch 10.2 Bridge Is the enclosed space register up to date?

Oil Record

  • ISM 063 SBM Ch 4.1 Engine Room Is the Oil Record Book maintained correctly, correctly categorized and up to date?

  • ISM 071 SBM Ch 11.7 Engine Room Does the engine-room log book, oil record book and bunker receipts tally?

  • Are disposed oil filters correctly recorded?

  • ISM 103 SBM Ch 4.1 Walk Around Is there Facilities for Oily Waste available on board?

  • ISM 104 SBM Ch 4.1 Walk Around Are all bins in the Engine Room made of Non Combustable Material?

  • ISM 105 SBM Ch 4.1 Walk Around Is there a designated holding area for special waste?

  • ISM 064 SBM Ch 4.1 Engine Room Is the OWS discharge valve and Emergency Bilge suction valve secured but not with padlock?

  • ISM 070 SBM Ch 11.7 Engine Room If bunkering is taking place, is it being followed as per procedure?

  • ISM 072 SBM Ch 11.7 Engine Room Has the bunkering checklist been completed correctly?


  • Do sewage log entries correspond with Ship's Log entries and are they in excess of 12nm?

Control of Work

  • ISM 050 SBM Ch 11.8 Bridge Has a tool box meeting record card been completed for any "non routine operations"?

  • ISM 028 SBM Ch 10.2 Bridge Is there MSDS sheets and is the COSHH assessment file available?

  • ISM 025 SBM CH 10.2 Bridge Is the Permit to work register completed correctly and up to date?

  • ISM 024 SBM Ch 10.2 Bridge Has all open permits (and a sample of closed ) been completed correctly?

  • ISM 026 / 27 SBM Ch 10.2 Bridge Is there Evidence of Lock out / Tag our being put in place for isolations during permits?

  • ISM 098 SBM Ch 10.2 Crew Does all crew demonstrate a good understanding of the control of work procedures?

  • ISM 032 SBM Ch 10.4 Bridge Have all Unsafe Acts/ Condition Reports been closed out by the vessel or office?


  • Are passage plan templates available?

  • ISM 035 SBM Ch 11.5 Is there a completed Navigation pre-arrival checklist and is there an entry in to the log book stating the same?

  • ISM 037 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge Has the night order book been completed each night and signed by the Deck Officers?

  • ISM 036 SBM Ch 11.5 Has both Masters published their Standing Orders and are these signed by the Deck Officers?

  • ISM 039 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge Does the passage plan include Berth to Berth Info? (Either on the passage plan or referenced to pilotage plan)

  • ISM 040 SBM Ch 11.5 Has a passage plan appraisal taken place?

  • ISM 041 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge Are all charts & Publications (including T&P, Rig List & Nav Area Warnings) up to date, check sample?

  • ISM 042 SBM Ch 11.5 Is all bridge equipment in working order and has the Master carried out a formal review of bridge equipment?

  • ISM 043 SBM Ch 11.5 Has the Echo Sounder been tested and test date recorded?

  • ISM 044 SBM Ch 11.5 When was the Deviation card last updated?

  • ISM 045 SBM Ch 11.5 Is the AIS static data correct and up to date?

  • ISM 046 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge When was the Emergency steering last tested? is it in accordance with SBM / Rules and Regs?

  • ISM 047 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge Are the rig positions on the Passage Plan offset by at least 0.5NM?

  • ISM 048 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge Does the vessel have specific procedures for changing over control positions?

  • ISM 049 SBM Ch 11.5 Bridge Has the vessel completed the PSV 500 meter checklist for doing cargo work? (Where applicable)

Hours of Rest

  • ISM 051 SBM Ch 11.8 Bridge Is the hours of rest completed and signed by the seafarer and the Master?

  • ISM 052 SBM Ch 7.4 Master Can the Master show how the vessel is kept in compliance with statutory requirements between surveys?

  • ISM 059 SBM Ch 2.3 C/O Has a full & Complete set of handover notes been completed by the off signing Mate?

  • ISM 110 SBM Ch 11.8 Walk Around Is the hours of work schedule posted (And does it reflect MLC)


  • ISM 060 SBM Ch 7.5 C/O Is the water treated for Chlorine levels on a quarterly basis and recorded?

  • ISM 061 SBM Ch 7.5 C/O Is a lab analysis result available for each tank carried out in the previous 6 months?

  • ISM 107 SBM 7.5 Walk Around Are all potable water filling points painted blue and labelled as per SBM?

  • ISM 074 SBM Ch 7.5 Engine Room / Bridge Is a list available showing the critical equipment (Ships Specific) and does the PMS highlight this equipment?

  • ISM 075 SBM Ch 2.3 C/E Has the Chief Engineers Hand Over Checklists been completed by the off going Chief Engineer?

  • ISM 076 SBM Ch 2.3 C/E Has a full and complete set of Handover Checklist been completed by the off going Chief Engineer?

  • ISM 077 SBM 2.3 C/E Has a full & complete set of handover notes been completed by off going Chief Engineer?

  • ISM 078 SBM 7.5 C/E Is the planned Maintenance System being fully utilised and completed correctly?

  • ISM 079 SBM Ch 7.5 C/E Have all pot water tanks been inspected and super chlorinated in the last 12 months?

  • ISM 080 SBM Ch 7.5 C/E Master Are all defect reported to the company as per SMS?

  • ISM 081 SBM Ch 7.5 C/E Master Does the company respond within an acceptable time frame as per the SMS with regards to defect or repairs?


  • ISM 083 SBM Ch 2.3 Cook Has a full and complete set of handover notes been completed by the off going cook? and is a sample available from previous voyages?

  • ISM 084 SBM Ch 4.1 Cook Is all food waste ground prior to disposal?

  • ISM 086 SBM Ch 11.2 Cook Has the cook completed the galley cleaning schedule and does the galley appear clean and tidy?

  • Is cook aware of garbage disposal distance as well as cooking oil restrictions?

Standby duties

  • Is crew conversant with errant vessel procedure?

  • ERRV Management and Survey Guidelines

  • Can Officers demonstrate use of Radar and Maneuvering Board for Errant Vessel tracking?

  • ISM 088 SBM Ch 2.2 Coxn Are the Coxswains aware of their additional responsibilities?

  • ISM 089 SBM Ch 2.3 Coxn Has a full and complete set of handover notes been completed by off going coxswains?

  • ISM 013 SBM Ch 7.2 Bridge Is there evidence of the FRC Daily & Weekly checklists being completed in the daily log book and FRC log?

  • Are FRC defects reflected in repair forms?

ISPS Internal Audit Checklist

  • ISPS 010 A13.2 Does the ships Security Officer/Mate have knowledge and has he received training in accordance with part A of the ISPS Code?

  • ISPS 009 A 12 Does the crew know who the vessel Security Officer is?

  • Part B.9 Is Access Control being enforced?

  • ISPS 011 B9.11 Are all visitors to the vessel being screened and asked for proof of Identity?

  • ISPS 013 B9.11 Is the Visitors Log being maintained?

  • ISPS 014 B10/9.18 Are all restricted areas on the vessel identified?

  • ISPS 015 Is the location of the vessel reception clearly marked?

  • ISPS 016 B9.14.8 Are all visitors receiving a full Security and Safety Induction?

  • Part B.9 Security Levels

  • ISPS 018 Is the current Security Level being displayed?

  • ISPS 021 Can the SSO State the implemented changes that would be required should the vessel be advised to increase Security Levels?

  • ISPS 024 B9.34 Are ships stores being checked against their documentation prior to loading on the vessel?

  • ISPS 028 Are Security Patrols being recorded in the Deck Log Book?

  • ISPS 036 A6.1 Does the vessel know how to contact the CSO?

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