Project Administration

1) Have all workers onsite been orientated?

2) Are AHA/JHAs completed for the activity?

3) Are tools and equipment being inspected?

4) Is there a documented rescue plan (Confined Space / Fall Rescue)?


5) Is housekeeping being conducted throughout the day?

6) Are materials being stored properly?

7) Have all nails been removed from boards?

Emergency Response, Medical Services & First Aid

8) Are First Aid/CPR certified personnel on site?

9) First Aid kits available & properly stocked?

10) Are Emergency numbers readily available?

11) Are there Rescue trained personnel onsite as necessary?

Sanitation / Health

12) Is an adequate supply of drinking water provided?

13) Are workers given adequate breaks?

Hazard Communication

14) Are MSDS's available?

15) Are all containers properly labeled?

Fall Prevention / Protection

16) Are workers employing 100% fall protection (Guard rails / Passive Fall Arrest Systems)?

17) Are daily harness inspections conducted?

18) Are open holes covered / guarded?

Personal Protective Equipment

19) Are all workers wearing hard hats?

20) Are all workers wearing eye protection?

21) Are all workers using ear protection when necessary?

22) Are all workers using gloves when necessary?

23) Are all workers dressed properly including footwear?

Fire Prevention / Protection

24) Are fire extinguishers in place as required (within 75')?

25) Are chemicals, flammable & combustible liquids properly stored?


26) Are GFCI's utilized?

27) Are extension cords in serviceable condition?

28) Are electrical tools maintained and used in a safe manner?

29) Are temporary power panels / receptacles protected?

Cranes Hoists & Rigging

30) Are crane inspections completed (annual / daily)?

31) Is proper cribbing in place for mobile cranes?

32) Is crane on firm level ground?

33) Is rigging being used in good condition & properly labeled?

34) Are critical lift plans completed as necessary?


35) Are all operators certified and trained as necessary?

36) Are all operators completing daily equipment inspections?

37) Are all operators wearing seat belts as required?

38) Is equipment in use in good operating condition?

Tools - Hand and Power

39) Are tools being used as intended by the manufacturer?

40) Are tools in good working condition?

41) Are all tool safeguards in place?

Excavation / Trenching

42) Are ladders available & properly spaced in excavation / trench?

43) Is excavation / trench properly shored / sloped (>5' deep)?

44) Is competent person inspecting excavations / trench daily?

45) Are spoils at least 2' from the edge?

Confined Space47)

46) Has an AHA been completed for confined space work?

47) Have workers been properly trained to work in confined spaces?

48) Has confined space been tested / certified as NPCS?


49) Is competent person inspecting scaffolding daily?

50) is scaffolding properly planked (not < 6" or > 12" over support)?

51) Are all guardrails in place?

52) Is scaffolding properly tagged?


53) Are ladders set up properly (4:1 ratio )?

54) Do ladders extend 3' above landing & are tied off?

55) Are ladders being used properly?

56) Are job ,are ladders properly constructed?

Corrective Action
Corrective Action Required?

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Corrective Action

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.