1. Exterior and Entrance


No litter present
Clean and tidy

Glass on building clean

Walls in good condition :
No chips, holes and all painted appropriately ( work orders in place for full marks )

Stairs are in good condition, clean , step edging in place

Floor surfaces free from slip/ trip hazards

Ceilings in good condition:
No water leak marks/mould- if so work order in place to score full points

External signage clearly visible

External lighting all working : well lit

Floor areas clean and tidy with no build up of fluff or dirt

2. Reception and Members Lounge


Bench tops wiped , clean and tidy

Floors clear, clean with no trip hazards

Rubbish bins clean and no visible litter

TVs working and sound at acceptable level

Fridges, sinks and microwaves clean and tidy.

Reception counter clear, no clutter or overcrowding

Marketing materials and timetables full and as assessable by members

Reception counter has no notes tacked on wall.

3. Staff


All staff wearing correct uniforms/name badges and good grooming standard.

Reception staff all greeting members , smiling and facing members when working.

Incident report forms and Hazard alert forms available with staff knowing location.

Answering phone on three rings

Guest register maintained and in use

Staff acknowledging members as they leave.

No food items or cans behind reception.

Staff profile board displayed and current . (Minimum requirement all HODs )

Standard of photocopying professional ( if applicable )

Wet floor signage available , clean and staff are aware of responsibility for using.

No personal items visible behind reception or food items.

4. Back of House


Offices clean and tidy.

Rubbish bins not overflowing

Personal belongings in drawers, neat and tidy around individual areas. No personal electrical items in office. ( other than mobile)

No clutter on desks.

Staff fridges and Micro Waves clean and tidy : cleaning schedule in place.

Store rooms locked and areas clean with shelves stacked appropriately.

5.Group Fitness

Group Fitness Room

Floors: clear,clean and free of dust. Floor boards/ carpet in good condition

Mirrors/Glass: no clean, no smears or cracks

Podium: clear and no items laying around. In good condition with no trip /Edge highlighted .

Stereo : clean, dust free and working. No litter on or near( drink bottles, plastic lids, tissues,paper)

Equipment ( mats/ bars/weights/kettle bells) :not left from previous instructor ,clean,tidy and stacked in appropriate storage

All lights and fans working and clean

Marketing Material / Profile boards and Timetables: current,neatly hung/ displayed, no handwritten signs

Visual inspection of microphones: shows well looked after and stored correctly.

Floors: clear of litter, dust and in good condition ( no slip and trip hazards)

Disinfectant bottles half full / paper towel holders and filled/ rubbish bins in place.

Clock in place , clean and correct time.

Etiquette sign displayed.

Spin Room

Bikes clean: run finger along frame and check for grim.

Marketing Material / Signage : no hand written signs,etiquette sign in place

Disinfectant bottles half full / paper towel holders and filled/ rubbish bins in place.

Stereo : clean, dust free and working. No litter on or near( drink bottles, plastic lids, tissues,paper)

Sanitising stations: appropriate number for room/ clean and stocked/ rubbish bins in place

All lights working

Appropriate storage for all: safety arms/ kettle bells/ balls/ bands /weights

6. Fitness Department

Weights Floor

PTs/Staff well groomed and wearing uniform with name identity / name badge showing.

Mirrors clean and no cracks ( if cracks reported in maintenance log)

All signage and marketing material visible and in place : etiquette signs ,profile boards,business card dispensers to met Goodlife Marketing standard. No hand written signs

No equipment out of order or torn upholstery without a maintenance request in play.

Dumbbells and bars are stored on racks , correct amount of storage for all.

Carpet/floor surface clean and free from trip hazards

All weights and equipment clean , neatly lined up with appropriate spacing.

Drink fountain clean and working


All equipment in good working order with all electrical leads/ cords tucked away to not cause trip hazards.

All TVS/ screens fully functional ( work request in place if not working)

Sanitising/ cleaning station clean with spray bottles and paper towel supply stocked.Appropriately positioned.

Equipment clean: choose five and run finger over visible areas to member - minimal dust full points, thick dark dust no points, in between one point

All lights and fans working and clean.

General floor areas clean ,clear with equipment lined up (aesthetically pleasing )

Functional Training Area

Etiquette sign displayed.

Equipment : TRX and boxing bags secured ,clean and in good condition

Kettle bells /weights / safety arms from cell frames and balls stored correctly and weight markings clearly visible

Mirrors and Glass: clean with no smears, marks or cracks

Floor areas: clean, clear,no clutter or slip and trip hazards

Lighting all working ,no issues identified.

Ladies Only

Floor areas: clean, clear,no clutter or slip and trip hazards

Walls and ceiling in good condition: ceiling tiles are clean and all in place/no cobwebs/ walls clean and painted

Signage and Music: all signage compliant ( no hand written) Etiquette sign displayed, music at acceptable level

Mirrors : no equipment out of order ( work request in place if so) , Mirrors clean and no cracks

7. Child Care / Minding


Floor areas clean, tidy and free from slip and trip hazards.

Walls and ceilings clean and all lights working

Booking sheets, enrolment forms, anaphylaxis and sign in forms completed

Notice board: child care licence displayed and nominees current ( VIC only) /Govt not a licensed child care sign displayed/ information pamphlet available

Staff in uniform, good grooming standards.

Detergents/ chemicals minimal and locked away

Food: fridge available for storage , children's containers and bags labelled, Food policy in place

8. WHS


Store rooms tidy and shelving safely accessible

All first Aid kits up to date with a monthly sign off check available ( contents list and sign off inside lid )

Defib: in cabinet and clearly visible near reception. Weekly check by CGM ( on weekly CGM checklist)

Emergency exit lights all illuminated ( those that are not to be recorded into maintenance log )

Fire hose reel / Hydrant cupboard clear of other items/equipment and clean

Fire escapes free from obstructions (with no items stored in exit stair wells.)

Plant Rooms /Cleaners / Chemical cupboards kept locked at all times

Out of service items clearly marked as such and not stored in public areas.

All chemical containers and spray bottles clearly labelled (no unmarked or hand written labels )

All electrical cupboards have schedules and locked .

Monthly equipment inspections completed by FD and GFM. All issues identified logged into maintenance log

Workplace inspections are undertaken on a weekly basis (CGM Inspections) actions identified & completed in a timely manner

Induction sign offs completed and in staff / ABN file ( check newest staff member file)

Emergency floor plans clearly visible and displayed in frames.

No CGM Figtree actions overdue ( incidents reviewed , actions completed ) NO expired compliance actions ( if so employee/ trainer not working until current) with CGM reviews completed.

9. Bathrooms


Floors clean and clear from obstructions, no trips slips and falls hazards.

Non slip floor surfaces in place within wet areas ( appropriately managed )

Toilet paper dispensers have adequate toilet paper and in good condition. ( covers on , no cracks in plastic)

Vanity basins and benches are clean and tidy. (No external advertising material )

All showers , basins and toilets in good working order with no leaking taps or water. ( if so then recorded in maintenance log)

All shower tiles clean and grout in good condition.

All hand soap and body wash dispensers full ( no empty dispensers)

All Walls and ceilings clean ( no mould, holes ) and no visible repair areas on walls.

All air condition/ air vents clean.

All lights working

Lockers not in use closed and all in good working order. ( one or two here and there is ok, noticeably a lot is not acceptable)

10. Relaxation Zone


Music, clock, safety/etiquette signs ( appropriate level, correct time,current and outline use of and safety precautions)

Non slip floor surfaces in place ( managed with mats if not)

All tiles and grout are in good condition, clean and no grim build up.

Sauna/Steam room/Chill room- easy entry or exit, no damage ,no danger of being locked in.

Regular checks on bathrooms and relaxation areas throughout shifts ( hygiene / safety check sign off in place)

Sauna, Steam room, Chill room,Moonsoon shower all clean and in working order.

11.Car Park

11. CAR PARK / OUTDOOR AREAS ( where GL responsible )

Car park - area clean and tidy with no rubbish and no pot holes

Speed/collision controls in place
Speed signs/speed bumps

All lights working: Good lighting all across car park

Gardens are well maintained

12. Swimming Pool / Sauna


Pool / Spa area has non slip surround, clean and tidy ( no slip, trip and fall hazards)

Safety signage clearly visible and in good condition. ( Current DRSABC signs, No Life Guard sign, General safety precautions, depth signs)

Water testing completed and recorded. ( high use- 4 times daily/ med use - 3 times daily / Low use 2 times daily)

Pool rescue device in place ( clearly visible /easily located)

Rubbish Bins available, clean and in good condition..

Seating /Chairs clean and in good condition.

13. Squash


Courts clear , floor good condition

Lights in working order, no blown globes ( those not working recorded into maintenance log)

Squash coordinator has RSA certificate ( if liquor licence for club) and current first aid Qualifications. ( tracked in Figtree )

Glass doors and walls in good condition ( no cracks, door shuts easily)

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.