Vendor Information

  • Vendor Name:

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Summary page

Questionnaire Checklist

  • Collection platform screen prints

  • Collection Letters

  • Process and Procedure Manual

  • Principal contact information (please complete)

  • Sample collection management or ad hoc reports

  • Copy of the collector training manual

  • Current Collection Agency/Firm Financials (balance sheet and income statement)

  • Other:

Brief summary of other information included in the questionnaire


Branch Office Addresses (city, state)


  • Telephony System

  • Dialer

  • Server

  • Operating System

  • Telephone Equipment

  • Dialer?

  • Automated messages

  • Backups

  • Disaster Recovery Plan<br>

Sign Off

  • On site representative

  • Auditor's signature

Section 1.0 Agency/Firm Contact/Location Information

Agency/Firm Name

Main Address

  • Add location

Main telephone #

List branch offices with addresses

Primary Contact

Primary Contact Telephone Number

Section 2.0 vendor leadership

2.1 Date Established

  • Select date

2.2 Names of principals and percent of ownership for each

2.3 Summarize the background and experience of the principals listed above

2.4 Provide the names of the additional senior management of your agency/firm with a summary of their experience and qualification(s)

Section 3.0 employee make-up

3.1 Indicate the number of employees in each of the categories below. US Attorneys do not have to complete section 3.1 (see 14.1). Designat

  • Principals

  • Operation Managers

  • Collection Managers

  • Collectors

  • Collection Support Staff

  • Payroll/HR

  • Payment Processing/Accounting

  • Other

3.2 Do you have space to expand in your current location? Do you have plans to expand?

How many accounts can your agency/ firm handle at this time without adding staff in any way?

  • Number of accounts

Section 4.0 Technology

4.1 Provide the name(s) of the equipment used for the following functions:

Collection Software & Version

Server Operating System

Telephone Equipment


4.2 How many phone lines does your agency have?

  • # of lines

4.4 Do you use automated messages?

4.5 How do you handle receiving placements in different formats?

4.6 How often are programs and files backed up?

4.7 Where are backups stored? If offsite, please provide the physical address of the facility.

4.8 How often are back ups stored (I.e. if backups are stored offsite, how frequently are they taken there)?

4.9 How long are back ups stored?

4.10 Is your production system (i.e. server) housed in a secured area? How is the area secured?

4.11 Which of your employees have access to this area?

4.12 Do you record all of your phone calls?

Section 5.0 Disaster Recovery

5.1 Do you have a documented Disaster Recovery Plan? If so, please provide the same.

5.2 Who is responsible for notifying the client of a disaster? How would the employee notify the client?

5.3 Has the plan been tested? What is the testing schedule?

Section 6.0 Financial

6.1 Can audited financial statements be sent to the client annually?

6.2 Do you charge a fee for checks by phone? If so, how much?

6.3 Do you currently purchase debt? Have you purchased debt in the past?

6.4 How do you handle NSF fees? Do charge the debtor if the payment is returned insufficient?

Section 7.0 General

7.1 Provide the make-up of your client base using percentages (i.e. 15% commercial, 50% bank card, and 35% retail)?

7.2 What percentage of dollars placed are primary, secondary, and tertiary accounts on average?

  • Primary Accounts -

  • Secondary Accounts -

  • Tertiary Accounts -

7.3 What is your Recovery rate for primary/secondary/tertiary paper?

7.4 What is the current monthly volume of accounts handled by your agency/firm? Provide answer in total balance and total number of accounts.

7.5 List your top ten clients of percentages of fee represented by the top ten clients

  • 1.

  • 2.

  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

  • 6.

  • 7.

  • 8.

  • 9.

  • 10.

7.6 do you have all of you state collection licenses? If so, please provide the same. If not, please explain

Section 8.0 Collection Processes and Procedures


8.1 How many years has your agency/firm collected on purchased portfolios?

8.2 What percentage of your inventory is purchased paper?

8.3 What number of your collection staff collects on purchased paper?

8.4 Do you have collectors dedicated to specific clients or do the collectors work in a pooled environment? Do you currently have space in your facility to add a dedicated team?

Management Level

8.5 Do you score accounts? If so, please provide a description of the criteria.

8.6 What are your criteria for requesting a credit bureau?

8.7 Please describe your procedure/workflow for placing accounts with collectors.

8.8 Do you have the same work standards for all placements (primary, secondary, tertiary, etc.)? Please provide the work standards in place for the collectors.

8.9 Do you keep a record of daily activity (MIS) for account processing/handling or a file transfer log?

8.10 What are your productivity benchmarks?

Collector Level

8.11 What is the average number of accounts worked by each collector?

8.12 What is the estimated number of outbound calls placed daily by each collector?

8.13 What is the average length of a call handled by your staff?

8.14 How are the accounts ordered in a collector's files?

8.15 How often does a collector review an account?

8.16 Are assets checked by your agency/firm? If so, what assets do you look for? Please provide the source(s) you use to check for assets.

Payment Arrangements

8.17 What are your criteria/work standards for establishing a payment plan with a debtor?

8.18 How do you determine the amount a debtor can afford to pay?

8.19 What is your maximum allowable pay period?

8.20 Are arrangements open ended as long as payments are being made or are theft assigned after a certain time?

8.21 What is your grace period for a payment arrangement?

8.22 What steps are taken if an arrangement is broken?

8.23 What is your calling schedule for paying arrangements?

Skip Tracing

8.24 Do you have a dedicated skip group or do collectors skip their own accounts?

8.25 Other than a credit bureau, what are your commonly used skip tracing tools?

8.26 Please list the 3rd party skip vendors used by your agency/firm with a brief description of the information that you receive from the vendor.

8.27 Please provide a skip process flow from beginning to efforts exhausted.

Section 9.0 Payment Processing and Handling Procedures

9.1 Please list the methods by which your agency/firm accepts payments from debtors. If your agency/firm uses a website to accept payments, please name the website.

9.2 What is your procedure if a debtor comes to your physical location to make a payment?

9.3 Is there a separate area for walk in payments?

9.4 Do collectors handle payments?

9.5 Do you have different procedures for cash & checks?

9.6 What is your NSF policy?

Section 10.0 Training and Audit

10.1 Please provide a copy of your training manual for new employees?

10.2 Are your employees required to take any additional "refresher" training classes? If so, please provide the curriculum and schedule.

10.3 What is your in house audit process?

10.4. Are your collection calls monitored and/or observed? If yes, how many accounts per month?

10.5 What is your process for monitoring accounts? What is you monitoring schedule?

10.6 How does the manager evaluate collection activity?

Section 11.0 Work Procedures

11.1 Please provide your procedures for the following types of accounts:

  • Settled in full accounts -

  • Paid in full accounts -

  • Disputed accounts -

  • Uncollectible accounts -

  • Deceased accounts -

11.2 What is your close and return procedure?

Section 12.0 Letters

12.1 Provide a copy of all collection letters that a GAP account could receive (including, but not limited to, demand and payment plan related letters). Please explain how these letters are used in the collection process. GAP does not approve letter content.

12.2 How are letters generated? By whom?

12.3 Are the letters special for different states and situations?

12.4 Are the letters certified by a third party? If so, who?

Section 13.0 Reporting

13.1 Do you have the physical capacity to add additional collectors, if necessary?

13.2 Can you track the batch rate of returns by month (attach example of batch report)?

13.3 Can you provide a record of the status of accounts?

13.4 What other types of reports can you produce (attach example and explanation of the reports)?

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