• Inspection Area

  • Site

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Inspection team

Environmental Management.

  • Have area inspections been completed by area owner?

  • Have all actions from previous work area inspections been closed?

  • Does the work area adequatly manage stormwater?

WFSF Operation

  • Have daily area inspections been completed to satisy WFSF Operations manual?

  • Has the WFSF Operations meeting been conducted to review monitoring data?

  • Does the facility have sufficient freeboard to meet licence requirements (300 mm)?

  • Is the embankment wall in good condition, free of cracking and scouring?

  • Is the facility operated in accordance with the approved decant strategy?

  • Is the work area owner aware of the current deposition strategy, is deposition occuring in line with the approved strategy.

  • Has clearing occured ahead of Operations?

  • Is the decanat pond managed to keep water away from the embankment and allowing water to be collected by the decant structure?

  • As per licence requirements, is the interception drain immediately downstream of the main storage dam embankment, which shall be used to collect and recover any liquid matter resulting from seepage of the main embankments?

Decant Infrastructure

  • Is decant working in line with Operations strategy?

  • Are decant volumes recorded and tracked?

  • Is the decant pump free of hydrocarbon staining from refueling or leaks?

Summary and corrective actions

  • Is the facility considered compliant with relevant approvals and regulations?

  • Are actions required to rectify issues in this audit?

  • Action
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