• VENUE NAME (As shown on Venue Licence)





Gaming Room Compliance

  • Venue Licence Date - Electronic Compliance Display?

  • Latest Venue Licence is displayed? If in doubt phone office for clarification.

  • Is the Venue meeting the requirements of any Special Condition on their Venue Licence i.e. Access Condition (where applicable)? If required, check full Venue Licence in COMS or on Server.

  • Is the defined Gaming Area on the Venue Licence correct? If NO, then notify and arrange for an accurate floor plan to be signed by the Venue Operator.

  • Electronic Compliance Display is in working order? If Electronic Display is not working correctly please ensure the compliance is still met in the Gaming Room relating to Venue Licence, Jackpot Player Instruction Notice & a Society Sign.

  • Correct Jackpot Player Information is displayed on the Electronic Compliance Display?

  • Harm Prevention & Minimisation Signage and Pamphlets i.e. HPA Resources, are available & easily accessible in the Gaming Area?

  • Under 18 Signage is displayed in Gaming Area?

  • No Syndicate Play & No Playing More Than One Gaming Machine Signage is displayed in Gaming Room?

  • Jackpot Identification Numbers on all EGMs?

  • All button lights, belly lights & screens in working order? All Hopper Lids are securely fixed? All security Cage Seals are intact and logs are up to date?

  • Record Last MPM Date

  • All EGMs are bolted to bases - check any recently installed cabinets? Complete visual checks from internally in the machines.

  • Jackpot Controller & Displays are working correctly?

  • A Jackpot Display is able to be clearly viewed when playing any gaming machine?

  • Is the Site Controller secure i.e. cabinet securely fixed to wall and door locked?

  • If there is a Fire Exit inside the Gaming Room, is the Fire Exit closed to stop direct access from outside?

  • Is there signage displayed at the entrance to the gaming room advising players that Facial Recognition operates on the premises?

  • Complete visual check of Facial Recognition Cameras - check for any obvious tampering or unusual tilting.

  • CITO Game Rule 24: CITO Player Notices are either affixed to each gaming machine or prominently displayed in the Gaming Area?

  • Check condition of Equipment i.e. EGMs, Stools, Bases, Signage. Any remedial work required?

Main Entrance & Resource Compliance


  • Latest Venue Licence is displayed? If in doubt phone office for clarification.

  • Society Sign is displayed?

  • Liquor Licence is displayed?

  • Licensee listed on Liquor Licence matches Venue Operator on Venue Licence?

  • Expiry Date on Liquor Licence? Record notes regarding renewals etc.


  • Harm Prevention & Minimisation Pamphlets (HPA Wallet Brochure) is available and accessible for customers during transactions at the bar?

  • Venue Staff have access to Key Phone Numbers - Area Manager, Service Provider etc? If NO, then add a label/sticker to the top of the QEC screen (or another location) for easy access by staff.

  • Review the Cancelled Credit & Hopper Refill Dockets printed over the last week - ensure that the sample set reviewed includes those completed by multiple staff members.

  • Cancelled Credit Dockets include full name of customer and their signature? If staff are having difficulty obtaining this detail from customers, advise that payment should not be provided until this detail is completed by the customer. Payment to the customer can be refused and treated as an Unpaid Prize if the docket is not completed correctly.

  • Staff are signing all Cancelled Credit Dockets once the customer has printed their name and signed the docket?

  • Hopper Refill dockets from QEC are being signed by all staff?

  • Venue staff understand that should system failure occur with the QEC and/or Printer, then they must revert to a manual system for Cancelled Credits and Refills? Advise staff that these forms are available in their Resource Kit.

  • Venue has access to EMS Website on the venue's computer & login credentials are saved?

  • Game Rule 14.1: Jackpot Manual is available electronically in COMs?

  • Correct laminated hard copy of Jackpot Player Information Notice is available in Resource Kit?

  • Game Rule 8.1(1) & (2): DIA Gambling Equipment Fault / Player Dispute Forms in Resource Folder?

  • Game Rule 8.1 (1) & (2): DIA Unpaid Prize Reports in Resource Folder?

  • Multiple copies of the Venue Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy are available in the Resource Folder?

  • Venue Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy has the correct and most up to date trading name on the first page?

  • Venue Harm Prevention & Minimisation Training Log is in the Resource Folder and is up to date? Compare to Society Register in Dropbox.

  • Game Rule 7.1: Venue Employee Register is in the Resource Folder and is up to date? Check with Venue Management.

  • Exclusion Order Booklet available at main workstation and accessible by staff?

  • Venue Staff know how to accept a new MVE Request on the QEC?

  • Check Staff POI Activity Report in COMS for staff interaction. Are staff viewing Exclusions regularly?

  • Are there any new Self Exclusions or Venue Exclusions that need to be loaded to CONCERN? If there is either load into Concern for the venue or forward to

  • Do venue staff know how to record a Breach of an Exclusion Order on the QEC? If No, please provide instructions including ensuring notes are added describing the breach.

  • Ensure Venue Staff understand that for every breach (Was POI) that is recorded on the QEC, they must include what action was taken in the notes.

  • Have there been any breaches of an Exclusion Order since the last visit that have not been recorded on the QEC? If Yes, record details in notes and ensure Breach has been recorded in QEC.

  • Venue has extra HPA Resources onsite i.e Wallet Brochures, Posters?

  • Staff use the QEC Incident Diary to record signs of gambling harm? Take photos of last entries.

  • If not using the QEC Incident Diary, the Daily Gaming Diary and/or HPM Observation & Incident Pad is available at main workstation for staff to use? Take photos of last entries.

  • A copy of The Gambling Act (Class 4) Games Rules 2022 is available in the Resource Kit?

  • Where CITO is installed, does the venue have access to a User Manual or Operating Instructions & Procedures (electronic or hard copy)?

  • Where CITO is installed, staff use a Faults Register or their Daily Gaming Diary to record all malfunctions of the CITO System?

Venue Checks

  • ATM location is compliant? FROM 1 DECEMBER 2023, an ATM available at the venue must be in line of sight of staff at the main bar area of the venue or, if the venue does not have a bar area, the main customer service area of the venue. ATMs should not be installed inside a defined Gaming Area of a venue.

  • Confirm that Jackpot Displays CANNOT be seen from outside the venue?

  • Confirm that Gaming Machines including Toppers, CANNOT be seen from outside the venue (except intermittently when an external door is in use)? This rule applies to venues that have their gambling area defined on the Venue Licence.

  • Confirm that the word Casino or Jackpot is NOT advertised anywhere in/around the venue?

  • Where CITO is installed, if CRT is not in line of sight of Venue Staff from their main workstation, is there a security camera monitoring activity on the CRT?

Harm Prevention & Minimisation, Training and Key Persons


  • Record staff member’s name who will answer the next set of Harm Minimisation questions. Where possible arrange for a different staff member from the one recorded on the last Compliance Assessment to complete this section of questions.

  • Have you read the Venue Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy? Check to see how recently this was read and recommend re-reading if required.

  • What does the Venue Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy require you to do? Does the Staff Member speak about any venue specific practices i.e. eftpos limits, escalation process etc.

  • What does Host Responsibility in Gaming mean to you? Does the staff member talk about taking responsibility for the wellbeing of customers on the premises beyond offering products and services. Do they talk about preventing and minimising the risk of harm to individuals?

  • If I were to look at a random 30 minute selection of security footage in the gaming room and at the bar what examples of you and staff showing a Culture of Care would I see? Answers should be about actively engaging with their customers and showing signs of monitoring.

  • Can staff describe what is required when completing a Gambling Area Sweep? Staff member should at a minimum advise that they must physically walk the Gaming Room to observe player behaviour and monitor for signs of harm. Suggest to the staff member strategies they can use in the gaming room i.e. touch three items of equipment, clear rubbish, talk to two gamblers.

  • Can the staff member name 3 Strong Signs of a problem gambler?

  • Can the staff member name 3 General Signs of a problem gambler?

  • Can Venue Staff explain what is expected if one general sign is observed vs three plus general signs?

  • Why is it important to record observations/incidents on the QEC, or in the Daily Gaming Diary or Observation & Incident Pad?

  • What are the 3 types of Exclusion Orders? Response should include (Self, Venue Initiated & MVE).

  • VENUES WITH FACIAL REC ONLY - Your QEC alerts you to a Person of Interest (POI) - what action should you take? Response should include approaching the customer, asking for ID, asking patron to leave the gaming area if confirmed as an Excluded Patron, recording in your Daily Gaming Diary and on the QEC. Staff can also offer the patron further information on the support services available and advise their Area Manager.

  • Does the venue have a process in place to monitor activity of an ATM (if applicable)?


  • Are there any new staff that have NOT received problem gambling awareness training? Advise Manager that until that staff member has received problem gambling awareness training they are NOT permitted to supervise gambling in the course of their duties at the venue. Schedule a date and time for training to be completed and make a note in this report.

  • Has the Venue Manager received Harm Prevention & Minimisation Training in the last 10 months? If NO, please schedule to be completed urgently and record in notes. Training MUST be completed within 12 months to meet regulatory requirements from 1 December 2023.

  • Compare staff names on Training Log to Venue Employee Register in Resource Folder. Confirm that you have completed this task.

  • Compare Training Log to Society Training Log in Dropbox and ensure both files match. Update files if necessary.

  • Have all gaming staff received Refresher Harm Prevention & Minimisation Training within the last 10 months? If NO, record details of all staff members requiring training and schedule a date/time for completion urgently. Training MUST be completed within 12 months to meet regulatory requirements from 1 December 2023.

  • Review Training Log for any outstanding actions i.e. HPM Tests have been completed by staff? Complete on the spot tests with any staff available on site if required.

  • Is there a trained staff member in Harm Prevention & Minimisation on duty at all times that the gaming machines are operating?

  • FROM 1 DECEMBER 2023, Regulations state that the venue must be completing Gambling Area Sweeps 3 times per hour and be at least 10 minutes after the previous sweep. Check that the Venue Manager and staff are aware of this new Regulation? Systems are being developed to assist with this rule however venues should start practicing this now.

  • FROM 1 DECEMBER 2023, Regulations state that venue personnel, when conducting a Gambler Area Sweep, take all reasonable steps to identify whether any player has been gambling during 9 or more consecutive Gambling Area Sweeps. Check that the Venue Manager and staff are aware of this new Regulation? Systems are being developed to assist with this rule.

  • FROM 1 DECEMBER 2023, venue personnel after identifying that a player is exhibiting 1 or more of the signs of the harm, have a conversation with that player to assist with identifying whether the player is a problem gambler. Check that the Venue Manager and staff are aware of this new Regulation? Systems are being developed to assist with this rule however venues should start practicing this now.

  • FROM 1 DECEMBER 2023, venue personnel must record information about Gambling Area Sweeps which includes the staff members name who completed the sweep, date & time, how many players were present, and evidence of steps taken to monitor & identify players who have been gambling during 9 or more consecutive sweeps and a summary of a conversation had with a gambler. (if required) Check that the Venue Manager and staff are aware of this new Regulation? Systems are being developed to assist with this rule however venues should start practicing this now by recording information in their Daily Gaming Dairies if possible.

  • FROM 1 DECEMBER 2023, the Venue Manager (or person acting on their behalf) must review records relating to staff identifying signs of harm at least once each week for the previous 7 day period. Venue Manager must record the date and time of the review and if any further action was required. Check that the Venue Manager and staff are aware of this new Regulation? Systems are being developed to assist with this rule however Venue Managers should start practicing this now by recording reviews in their Daily Gaming Dairies if possible.

  • Does the Venue Manager have a process in place to support all staff in their Harm Minimisation responsibilities during the day i.e. venue management provide support to staff, venue staff are comfortable with systems & processes in place, regular meetings are held and harm prevention & minimisation is discussed, staff are able to share concerns?

  • All gaming staff have recently read the Venue Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy? Check with the Venue Manager. If NO, then make arrangements with the Venue Manager and record on the Training Log.

  • Venue Staff understand the process required if they receive a Self Exclusion, complete a Venue Exclusion or receive a request to exclude from other venues? If NO, advise that Self Exclusions and Venue Exclusions can be entered into the Concern National Database by the Area Manager or head office. If they receive a request to exclude from other venues, then the customer should be provided with the contact details for local support services/treatment providers.

  • Would the venue like their own login to the Concern National Database to enter Self Exclusions and Venue Exclusions, or to simply view their Exclusion Orders and Breaches? If yes, make arrangements to set this up for the venue.

  • Venue Staff understand how to use the Unpaid Prize Report? If no, explain the process.

  • Can Venue Staff explain how to deal with an Equipment Fault or Player Dispute? Can they explain when this form should be completed? Ensure that venue staff understand that any minor fault they phone through to the Service Provider is recorded and reported to the Society but faults that affect a customers play or credit must be recorded on this form. The EGM may need to be switched off as well to preserve play data.

  • Are there any Float & Cash Management Training needs for Venue Staff? If yes arrange for training to be completed.


  • Is the current Float Level sufficient for Gaming? Ask staff if they ever run out of float and how often. If they do then notify Area Manager to discuss with Venue Operator.

  • Does the venue have a good and safe process in place for Cash Up?

  • Are machines left open at night?

  • Does the venue have good processes in place to keep GMP safe i.e bank daily, hold GMP in a safe? Record notes regarding process if any concerns.

  • Venue balances safe regularly?

  • Venue completes COMS Money Reports, float balancing and reconciliations daily? Add notes if there are any concerns regarding their balancing.


  • Check for any changes in Key Persons i.e. Venue Manager, Directors, Shareholders? Record changes in notes and email a notification to

  • Does the current Venue Manager understand their responsibilities outlined on the Venue Manager Schedule of the Venue Agreement? Provide a copy of the schedule if required. Any concerns?

  • Confirm that the personal details for the Venue Manager have NOT changed i.e. postal address, marital status, contact details? A GC5 Personal Information Form may need to be completed if there are changes. Record details.


  • Venue's Security Alarm System is Monitored?

  • Is the Fire Sprinkler System compliant?

  • Venue has a Smoke or Heat Detection System installed?

  • Venue has Fire Extinguishes and/or Fire Hoses? Add Notes

  • Security System & Facial Recognition System including all Cameras are in working order? Add notes if any issues.

  • Venue Manager knows how to access DVR System and download footage?

  • Venue Operator has Insurance for Money and is sufficient to cover any risk?

  • Game Rule 2.1 (1) Keys held in secure location including spare set and only made available to authorised venue personnel for necessary tasks related to the day to day operation?

  • Game Rule 2.1 (4): Venue Manager accounts for keys at beginning & end of day?

  • All locks & keys in working order?

  • Are there any new Health & Safety hazards/risks at this venue that need to be recorded? If YES, add a note and whether the hazard is temporary and for how long, and report to

  • Are there any Health and Safety Incidents that have occurred recently at the venue relating to gaming equipment owned by Grassroots? If YES, request an Incident Report Form from the Maxserv Office and report incident/risk to

Additional Notes, HPM Assessment and Signatures


  • Record other notes/comments/discussions regarding today's Compliance Assessment


  • Do Venue Staff exhibit good Host Responsibility and a Culture of Care for Gambling Customers?

  • Have Venue Staff responded competently to the Harm Prevention And Minimisation checks in the previous sections of this assessment?

  • From your assessment, when should Harm Prevention & Minimisation Training be next scheduled for?

  • Considering the demographics of the customers at this venue is there a need for further Harm Prevention & Minimisation Resources that may support host responsibility at this venue i.e language?

  • In your assessment, has the venue given you confidence that they can deliver on their commitment to Host Responsibility and creating a Culture of Care, and put into practice the requirements of their Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy?

  • Does the Venue's Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy correctly list the supervision requirements for this venue? i.e. ATM Supervision, changes in line of sight, facial recognition system? If NO, then please email with additional requirements.


  • Venue Operator / Manager Signature

  • Area Manager or Training & Compliance Assessor Signature

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