Title Page

  • Site name

  • Conducted on

  • HSE auditor

  • Department name

  • Location
  • Number of workers

  • Company names on site

  • Scope of work on site

  • Risks identification

  • Have accident/incident/near miss happened in the previous months ?

  • Description


  • Is the HSE documentation audited?

  • Has a construction general plan been produced?

  • Have sufficient no smoking signs been displayed?

  • Have sufficient HSE law posters been displayed?

  • Have Accident / emergency procedures been established?

  • Has a traffic management plan been issued?

  • Has a method statement been established for each construction company?

  • Have appropriate HSE documents been produced (PPSPS in France for example, DICT, DUIO, HSE file…)?

  • Has a Risk assessment been established for each construction company?

  • Have chemical products management been carried out (CoSHH assessments, REACH, Safety data sheet)?

  • Has the HSE policy been displayed?

  • Has the induction process been carried out and operational?

  • Have regular tool box talks or safety meetings been established with construction companies?

  • Has a clear permit to work process been carried out (fire permit, driving authorization, authorization to handle asbestos, lifting activities, electrical activities, work at height activities,…)?

  • Has an environmental impact assessment been established?

  • Has a lockout/ tagout procedure with certificates been carried out?

  • Has incident reporting / accident analysis report been established for each event?

  • Has a clear near miss identification process been carried out?

  • Has a site access control been in place with workers?


  • Are the PPE audited?

  • Is the safety helmet worn on site?

  • Is the safety shoes worn on site?

  • Is eye protection correctly worn on site?

  • Is ear protection correctly worn?

  • Is respiratory protection worn?

  • Is hand protection worn?

  • Are appropriate clothes worn?


  • Are tools and equipment audited?

  • No visual defects (electrical default, lack of protection for excavation, oil leakage…) visible on site?

  • Are tools & equipment well maintained, unmodified and adequate for the job?

  • Are adapted protections present and sufficient for the tools & quipment?

  • Are appropriate statutory checks performed on tools & equipment?


  • Are site vehicles audited?

  • Are operators trained / authorised for the job?

  • No defects / leaks visible on construction vehicules?

  • Have statutory checks/maintenance been carried out with reports in place?

  • Is the seatbelt worn?

  • No cell phone used when driving?


  • Are site compound facilities audited?

  • Are welfare facilities suitable and clean?

  • Is clean water available for workers?

  • Is lighting & heating adapted for workers?

  • Is housekeeping correctly done?

  • Are site access routes well identified and maintained?


  • Is work at height activities audited?

  • Are work at height training certificates present on site?

  • Are equipments checked according to the applicable regulation and are on register (ladders, safety line, anchor points, etc)?

  • Are work at height equipments adequate for job?

  • Are height access and egress adequate and safe?

  • Are PPE (harness, lanyards, helmet, adapted clothes, gloves, fall arrest system, etc) adapted and worn?

  • Are sufficient protections for the roof circulation (safety guard / safety line / safety nets / anchor points)?


  • Are excavations audited?

  • Are edge protections / barriers adapted and sufficient?

  • Are ladder access secured?

  • Are benching / battering / shoring method safe?

  • Is soil properly placed?

  • Are vehicle stop boards present?

  • Has excavation inspection been completed?

  • Has safe dig procedure been carried out?


  • Is lifting operation audited?

  • Are lifting equipments inspected according to the applicable regulation?

  • Is lifting accessory inspected?

  • Are lifting equipment fit for purpose (safe working load, etc.)?

  • Is personnel trained for the lifting activities?

  • No defect visible on lifting equipment?

  • Is ground stable and safe for lifting activities?

  • Are lift plan / risk assessment / permit to work in place?

  • Is safety perimeter in place?


  • Is manual handling audited?

  • Have workers been received training?

  • Are mechanical aids used where possible?

  • Is manual handling documented on Risk Assessments?

  • Are repetive tasks limited where possible?


  • Are fire & first aids audited?

  • Are first aiders trained and identified?

  • Is there a personnel trained to use fire extinguishers?

  • Is first aid kit available on site?

  • Are fire extinguishers available and sufficient on site?

  • Are fire extinguishers checked according to the regulation?

  • Is fire alarm present and audible in all the site?

  • Are evacuation drills organized?


  • Is occupational health audited?

  • Is noise risk high and and workers protected enough?

  • Is dust present in high quantity and workers protected enough?

  • Is vibration risk present and workers protected enough?

  • Are drugs & alcohol issues detected on site?

  • Is asbestos present on site?


  • Is the environment topic audited?

  • Is a site environmental register or monitoring in place?

  • Is site drainage plan available?

  • Is chemical product storage organization in place and sufficient?

  • Is waste storage organization in place and sufficient?

  • Is a site waste management plan available?

  • Is recycling of waste organized?

  • Are waste tracking vouchers available?

  • Are complaints recorded and managed?

  • Is materials storage identified and sufficient?

  • Is emergency environmental procedure available?

  • Is protection of floras and fauna managed?

  • Are non conformance reports organization in place?

  • No other environmental issue?


  • Is electrical activities audited?

  • Are access and lighting (for those working on electrical equipment) sufficient and adapted?

  • Are persons using or working on electrical equipment trained?

  • Are the correct versions of drawings being used?

  • Are electrical safety inspections being conducted according to the regulation?

  • Has a key safe interlocking system been implemented?

  • Have RAMS (Risk Assessment/method statement) been produced for electrical work?

  • Are electrical safety signs displayed (danger of death, electrical risk, SF6 gaz, etc)?

  • Are instructions on the treatment of electric shock displayed?

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