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Landscape Inspection

  • Turf Maintenance - Grass to be maintained at an even length Edging and String Trimming - Edges to beds and paths to be clearly defined and neatly trimmed Clean Up of the Property - Property is cleaned off, hard surfaces are free from debris, sticks picked up, appearance neat

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  • Irrigation Monitoring - The property appears to be receiving the correct amount of water

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  • Turf Kept Weed Free and Fertilized - Turf areas are weed free and have a healthy green appearance

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  • Planting bed needs - Mulch, plant replacement needs, other enhancement needs

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  • Planting Bed Trimming - Plant Materials being trimmed and managed per the customer expectations and Roark expectations

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  • Planting Bed Weed Removal - Planting beds are cleaned, weeds removed and neat in appearance.

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