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CARE Call or Priority Pass each Reservation (PPass Goal 85%)

  • Branch above 85% Priority Pass Expectation?

  • Customers being welcomed as Priority Pass VIP Customers

  • All rental ready contracts Pre- Written?

  • 100% CARE Calls completed prior to customers arrival?


  • Are Clean Car Checklist being completed daily?

  • Do all DOT vehicles have completed DVIR displayed on dash before the branch closes?

  • Are 100% of branches fleet entered into TRAM?

  • Are vehicles being backed in with tires turned?

  • Is the scheduled inspections being completed before 90 days due?

  • Are all vehicles being cleaned before the branch leaves at night?

  • Is the branch's LOFR score currently below 30?


  • Is there a Counter Manager today and are they at the counter?

  • Is the Dispatch Log being utilized?

  • Is the 15/10 rule being adhered to?


  • Are the customers demonstrating Customer 4 Life Culture?

  • Are all employees acknowledging each customer?

  • Is each employee professionally dressed and is the branch appearance professional and clean?

  • Is the Thank You Script being utilized?

Great Return

  • Is the receipt being reviewed around the counter and next to the customer?

  • Are the 3 critical questions being asked?

  • Is the S/F Checklist being used REGULARLY?

  • Do the employees thank the customer for their business and walk them out the door?

  • Are employees displaying the 4 Behaviors of Excellence?

Employee Development

100% Roadmap Completion

  • Was GO Truck training completed and up to date?

Weekly 1-on-1 with Branch Manager (PDM Week 1)

  • Week 1 1-on-1's completed?

  • Week 2 1-on-1's completed?

  • Week 3 1-on-1's completed?

  • Week 4 1-on-1's completed?

Duty Roster that rotates monthly

  • Is there a Duty Roster in place?

  • Is the Duty Roster being utilized daily? (Include Picture)

  • Is the Counter Manager checking up on Duty Completion throughout the day?

  • Are the Branch Duties being rotated?

Employee Hours (MT/MA's should average no more than 49 hrs per week

  • Each MT/MA working 49 hours (+/- 1 hour)

  • Hour approval above 85%

100% Review Completion (Delivered to HR by the 25th)

  • 100% Review completion from last month?

  • All reviews for this month have been scheduled?


Goal Boards Updated Monthly BMI Posted Daily

  • Is the goal board updated?

  • Is the BMI posted?

  • Are the employees aware of the branches numbers and where numbers are related to the set goals?

  • Are the employees aware of their personal numbers!

Counter Manager

  • Did the branch have a morning huddle today?

  • Does each employee have sales goals for today?

  • Do the employees know what vehicles are available for Sell-up Options?

  • Do employees know the availability/pricing for walk-ins today?

Lot Plan

  • Is there a written and posted lot plan?

  • Is the lot merchandised?

  • Are the employees walking the lot for sell - ups?

60 Minutes of Sales Training Per Day?

  • Is the Sales Playbook being utilized?

  • Is the Coaching Checklist being utilized?

  • Has the Manager observed/coached anyone today?

  • Has the Manager given 60 minutes of sales training today?

Real Time Ticket by Ticket Management

  • Is the Rate Tracker being utilized?

  • Are they using the rate tracker real-time?

  • Is Feedback and Coaching being sent out to all truck employees twice a day (Noon and EOB)?

Cost control

Assigned Callbacks and A/R's

  • Are Callbacks being completed daily?

  • Does each employee have assigned A/R's?

  • Was Bad Debt below group goal last month?

  • Is each callback down less than $150

Weekly Risk Review

  • Was the Risk Review completed last week?

  • Is the Risk Review being completed with Actions Taken?

Follow Truck Underwriting Grid

  • Retail/Debit Contract Audit #1 Pass

  • Retail/Debit Contract Audit #2 Pass

  • Retail/Debit Contract Audit #3 Pass

  • Retail/Debit Contract Audit #4 Pass

  • Retail/Debit Contract Audit #5 Pass

Do not re-rent vehicles with Damage?

  • Are damaged vehicles being set aside and not re-rented?<br>

  • Walk the lot. Is each vehicle clean and ready to rent?


Follow Group Phone Script

  • Are employees answering the phone with urgency?

  • Are employees asking for the reservation?


  • Is someone scheduled to go marketing today?

  • Does the branch have a marketing schedule?

  • Review the Sales Activity Report, are employees on track to meet their goals?

  • Are employees actively reviewing their PAR report?

  • Does each employee have meetings scheduled utilizing the scheduled activities report?


  • Did each employee receive a PDM last month?

  • Do the action steps include KPI's?

  • Are the PDM's printed and posted?


  • Has the manager reviewed the competitor reporting?

  • Is each employee completing 2 competitor profiles weekly?

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