Alarm panels.

MGA 0101 (ED Hallway)

MGA 0102 ( ED Hallway)

MGA 0109 (ED hallway)

MGA 0110 (ED nurses station)

MGA 0103 (Behind OR Redline)

MGA 0104 ( OR nurses station)

MGA 0105 ( 100 hallway)

MGA 0106 (200 hallway)

MGA 0107 (200 hallway)

MGA 0108 (200 hallway)

Med gas valve boxes.

MGZV 0102 ( ED hallway)

MGZV 0103 (ED hallway)

MGZV VAC/O2 ( ED hallway)

MGZV 0114 ( ED hallway)

MGZV 0104 (Behind OR redline)

MGZV 0105 (Behind OR redline)

MGZV 0106 (100 hallway)

MGZV 0107 (200 hallway)

MGZV 0110 (200 hallway)

MGZV 0111 (200 hallway)

MGZV 0112 (200 hallway)

MGZV 0108 (Admin hallway)

MGZV 0101 ( Admin hallway)

MGZV 0113 ( Admin hallway)

Bulk oxygen tank.

Is gate locked?

Are there any visible problems?

O2 inches of water.

Portable gas tanks

Is the tank room locked?

Are there any visible problems?

Are the full/empty tanks step reacted from each other?

Are the tank chained to the wall?

Person doing inspection.
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