• HAK - Contractor Field Audit

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1.0 Hazard Identification

  • 1.1 JSA has been completed for the task?

  • 1.2 JSA addresses specific tasks, hazards, and mitigations?

  • 1.3 All workers have reviewed and participated in the JSA process?

  • 1.4 Appropriate permits are being utilized? (Hot Work, CSE, etc.)

  • 1.5 Appropriate atmospheric monitoring has been conducted? (Initial, Periodic, Continuous)

2.0 Personal Protective Equipment

  • 2.1 Adequate eye protection is being utilized to protect from flying debris, chemical exposure, etc?

  • 2.2 Adequate hand protection is being utilized and is in good condition?

  • 2.3 Workers are wearing adequate hearing protection for the environment?

  • 2.4 Workers are wearing hard hats if overhead hazards and falling objects exist?

  • 2.5 Adequate foot protection is being worn to protect workers from dropped objects and smashing potentials?

  • 2.6 Adequate FRC is being worn in classified areas and is outermost layer?

  • 2.7 Adequate respirators are utilized when needed? Cartridge selection is correctly identified for the hazard?

  • 2.8 Fall protection has been inspected and is being worn / used correctly?

  • 2.9 Workers are wearing adquated personal flotation devices when working over water or when drowning hazard exists?

3.0 Tools and Equipment

  • 3.1 Are appropriate tools for the task being utilized?

  • 3.2 Hoists, slings, and components inspected and in good condtion?

  • 3.3 Tools and equipment are in good condtion with guards in place if applicable?

  • 3.4 Tools are being used correctly?

  • 3.5 Ladders are in good condition and being utilized correctly?

  • 3.6 Tools are tagged out if damaged?

4.0 Housekeeping

  • 4.1 Tools and materials are stored properly?

  • 4.2 Working surfaces are maintained and free of slip, trip, and fall hazards?

  • 4.3 Emergency access / egress routes are adequate and clear of obstructions?

  • 4.4 Trash and debris is being managed periodically and disposed of properly?

5.0 Environmental

  • 5.1 Drip Pans / Duck Ponds in use when breaking containment / opening process equipment?

  • 5.2 Drip pans / Duck ponds in good condition and being utilized properly?

  • 5.3 Duckponds are placed under idling equipment and vehicles?

  • 5.4 Adequate secondary containment is set up for temporary tanks?

  • 5.5 Duckponds / Containments fluid levels are managed and not left unattended?

  • 5.6 Waste is segregated and disposed of properly?

6.0 Incident / Emergency Reporting

  • 6.1 Injury / Illness reporting requirements are understood?

  • 6.2 Employees know who / how to report incidents?

  • 6.3 Employees are familiar with emergency contact numbers and understand how to report emergencies?

  • 6.4 Employees are familiar with alarms / detecting equipment and know where the emergency muster areas are located?

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