Employee uniform and cart (observed throughout the day). No matter the room

  • Housekeeper was on time to work for the day and is complying with all company policies

  • Cart blocking doorway

  • Chemical caddy inside room


  • Housekeeper with uniform and name tag

  • Housekeeping board is marked

  • Housekeeper is keeping good time (not behind in their work)

Guest entry way

  • Front of door clean without finger prints on entry door lock. Front and back of door

  • Guest suite peep hole clear of any blockage

  • Room smell fresh

  • All lights on in room

  • TV on in room

Guest closet

  • Closet mirror free of finger prints and streaks

  • Extra blanket in closet with bag

  • 2 skirt hangers and 6 pants hangers in closet with laundry bag and laundry ticket

  • Luggage rack folded in closet

Guest bathroom

  • Air vent free of dust

  • Mirror streak free

  • Vanity area and sink clean and free of hair

  • Extra towel placed correctly on sink

  • All three bath items on clean amenities tray

  • Toilet paper at 50%

  • Soap dish present with face soap only

  • All the correct amount of terry present and place in the CORRECT PLACE ASSIGNED IN THE BATHROOM

  • Bath mat folded on tub with diamond facing up with bath soap placed neatly in the middle

  • Fresh shower curtain with bath mat set up placed in front of it

  • Flat tissue box place on top of shelving neatly with a wiped down tissue box holder

  • Tub dry and clean

  • Tub free off ALL HAIR

  • Toilet clean ALL OVER AND FREE OF HAIR

  • Floor clean and free of hair

  • Coffee tray clean and refreshed with the correct items

  • Coffee pot free of coffee smell

Guest suite

  • All tables clean and streak free

  • Furniture free of food marks and hair

  • Remote

  • Curtain pulled closed


Guest bedroom

  • Clock set correctly

  • All night stands cleaned

  • All lights fixtures and lamps clean and free of dust

  • Bed clean and neat

  • No trash left in room

  • Sticky note

  • Note pad pen placed neatly on nightstand

  • Name tags with butter mints

  • Air vents clean

  • All seams facing wall

  • Bed smells like frebreeze

  • Art free of dust

  • Temp set correctly

  • Floor vacuumed


  • Project of the day complete

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