Job site Info

  • Is the superintendent on site?

  • Who is the competent person on site?

  • Was toolbox topic on PTP?

  • Work area properly signed and barricaded?

Electrical Safety

  • Are crews using Generator?

  • Is a Fire Extinguisher within 5' to 10' of the generator?

  • Is Generator maintained properly?

  • Cords free from visible damage?

Fire Prevention

  • Are fire extinguishers, checked and accessible?


  • Work area clean and neat?

  • Protruding nails properly bent over or removed?

  • Waste container provided and used?

Hand and Power tools

  • Are hand and power tools being used on job at this time?

  • Tools inspected regularly as required/necessary?

  • Guards in place on tools?

  • Correct tool being used for job at hand?

Fall Protection

  • Is fall protection needed for task(s) being performed?

  • Safety cables and rails secured properly?

  • Safety harnesses worn properly?

  • Employees exposed to falls hazards 6' or greater are 100% tied off?

  • Employees below protected from falling objects?


  • Are ladders being used on project?

  • Ladders are secure to prevent slipping, sliding or falling (tied off)?

  • Ladders extended at least 36" above landing?

  • Ladders with split or missing rungs taken out of service?

  • Stepladders used in fully open position?

Trenching and Excavations

  • Are there any Excavations on this project?

  • Are Trenches and Excavations 100% Barricaded?

  • Excavations are benched or sloped as required?

  • Materials stored at least 2' away from excavation?

  • Ladders provided as required (Deeper than 4')

  • Equipment is at a safe distance from edge of excavation?

Material Handling

  • Material properly stored or stacked?

  • Employees using proper lifting techniques?


  • Is there a crane on site?

  • Crane operator logs up to date?

  • Hand signal charts on crane?

  • Outriggers extended and swing radius barricade in place?

  • Employees kept from under suspended loads?

  • Flaggers/riggers certifications current and documented?

  • Chains and slings inspected and tagged as required?

  • Tag lines used to guide loads?

Concrete Construction

  • Employees are protected from cement dust?

  • Exposed skin covered?

  • Proper PPE used while pouring? (Tyvek suits, rubber gloves)

  • Exposed rebar ends are protected?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Employees wearing proper PPE?

Mobile Equipment

  • Are there any type of mobile equipment on site?

  • Is the Owners Manual on the Forklift?

  • Do all operators of powered lifts, forklifts and/or heavy equipment have appropriate and current licensing to operate that equipment?

  • Daily equipment inspections completed?

  • Are seatbelts being worn as required?

  • Are fire extinguishers in equipment as required?

  • Does equipment have backup alarms as required?

  • Are load charts in equipment as required?

Wall and Floor Openings

  • Are all wall openings secured?

  • Are all floor holes covered properly?

General Safety Observations

  • Is the work area sufficiently lighted as required?

  • Is Conex or Gang Box in good condition and Clean?


  • Comments/Concerns?


  • Auditors name

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