Room Type

Type of Room

  • Type of Room

  • Specify

  • Notes

Room Dimensions

Room Dimensions (Enter Dimensions ft and inches)

  • Room Width ("Display Wall")

  • Room Length ("side wall")

  • Room Height (Floor to Ceiling)

  • Plenum Height (Ceiling to Structure)

  • Picture of Display Wall

  • Picture of wall to right of display wall

  • Picture of opposite of display wall

  • Picture of wall to the left of the display wall

  • Notes

Ceiling Type

  • What Type of Ceiling

  • What type?

  • What size T-Bar Grid

  • Is it Cottage Cheese Texturing?

  • Add Ceiling Photos

  • Add Ceiling Photos

  • Notes

Wall Type

  • Wall Construction At least one wall (where the wall plate installs) must be hollow, such as Dry Wall, Lath & Plaster, Wood Paneling over Dry Wall or Acoustically Treated, Fabric Covered over Dry wall

  • If All Walls are non-hollow, such as the type you selected, system cabling will need to be surfaced mounted using Wiremold.

  • Notes

Floor Construction

  • Construction

  • Floor Covering

  • On Which Floor of the Building is this Room

  • Specify:

  • Any other floors above this floor

  • Furniture Present in Room

  • Additional Furniture Not Listed:

  • Floor Utliities

  • Add Floor Photo(s) Note Floor Boxes

  • Notes

Type of Ceiling Structure

  • Select Type of Structure Above Ceiling (Note Insulation is not a type of structure)

  • Specifiy

  • Is it Pre/Post Tensioned Slab?

  • Notes

Pre-Installation Electric Runs

  • Power for equipment:

  • Cable Path

  • Notes

Options Desired

  • Select Options the Customer Would Like in Their System

  • Enter Other Devices Desired but not listed above

  • Notes

  • Even More Notes

Ceiling Obstructions in area of Projector Installation

  • Will a Projection System Be Used in this Application?

  • Select all items that could interfere with the projection system

  • Specify:

  • I have looked up in the ceiling and there are no obstructions in an area 4'X4' above the projector.

  • Notes

Wall or Ceiling Obstructions

  • Will a Display Monitor or Monitors be used in this application?

  • Number of Monitors:

  • Specify:

  • Check all Items that could be obstrucitons.

  • Specify:

  • Notes

Existing Installed AV Equipment In Room

  • Is there Existing AV Equipment in this room?

  • List Existing Equipment, Projector, Screen, System

  • List existing equipment locations. If equipment rack is in a closet, measure doorway , height and depth of closet.

  • If the equipment resides in a credenza make sure to measure the opening and depth of the millwork

  • If there is an existing Projector and Screen, measure H&W of screen surface. Record model # of Projector. Measure Throw Distance from front of Projector to Screen.

  • If there are existing Microphones and Speakers, record quantities and if possible model #'s.

  • List existing infrastructure in the floor and in the rack locations.

  • Will the Equipment be Removed? Leave? or Used in System? Describe

  • Add Photo of existing equipment - Get Close Ups Of Model Number If Possible

  • Add Photo of existing equipment- Get Close Up Of Model Number If Possible

  • Add Photo of Existing Equipment - Get Close Up Of Model Number If Possible

  • Notes


  • Wall Plate(s) can be installed on a hollow, non-insulated wall.

  • Notes:

  • There will be no obstructions (fans, lights,etc.) along the light path of the projector

  • Notes:

  • Electrical Power is available near location of Smart Panel/Rack

  • Notes:

  • There is a clear 4' X 4' area above the ceiling where the projector will be mounted

  • Notes:

  • Any ceiling mounted obstructions to projector installation will be moved by the client prior to installation of system

  • Notes:

  • Room Drawings are attached, and location for screens, projector, wall plate and (if applicable) rack and speakers are noted

  • Notes:

  • If the system is using a ceiling mounted screen: there is at least 12 inches of space above the ceiling tile along the entire width of the screen case.

  • Notes:

  • There will be no obstructions present at the locations specified for control panel, wall plates, rack and speakers

  • Notes:

  • Room Lights can be dimmed in the vicinity of the projection screen

  • Notes:

Job Site Details

  • Building/Room Construction

  • Renovation?

  • Are Hard Hats Required?

  • Installation Vehicle Parking

  • Hours of Room Availability

  • Specify

  • Security

  • Delivery Informaiton

  • Type of Labor Working at Job Site Now

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