• Inspection Number:

  • Client

  • Add media

  • Exhibition

  • Conducted on

Event pre-amble

Event Information

  • Event organisation key contacts and details

  • Venue

  • Add location
  • Venue key contact and details

Key dates and times

  • Event load in date and time

  • Event start date and doors

  • Event end date and close time

  • Event load out to be completed by

Key contractors

  • Shell scheme contractor details

  • Electricians contact details

  • Facility contractor details

Pre event checks

Pre Event Delapse

  • Was a pre event Delapse insoection carried out

  • Organiser representative

  • Venue representative and contact details

  • Pre event Delapse date and time

  • Notes and comments

  • Pre event Delapse media

  • Organiser signature

  • Venue representative signature

Pre Event Walk through

Fire and emergency

  • Are all fire exits unlocked, and functioning as designed

  • Are all fire extinguishers in place and in a serviceable condition

  • Are all exit routes clear of obstruction, properly lit and in good condition

  • Is medical provision sufficient for the event and in place for the event to start

  • Is the event security operation in place for the event to start

  • Notes

  • Photos


  • Have all shell schemes been erected to design specification

  • Has all construction debris been removed and walkways cleared

  • Are all shell scheme electrical installations complete and safe for operation

  • Are all space only exhibits complete and in a safe condition

  • Are all space only electrical installations complete and in a safe condition

  • Have all space only structures been earth bonded or continuity tested and found to be in a safe condition.

  • Are there sufficient evac chairs installed and in serviceable condition for this event

  • Notes

  • Photos


  • Are all venue operations staff expected to be on shift available to the event

  • Are all public lifts in service and operational

  • Are all floor ways in good condition

  • Are all electrical outlets in safe condition for operation

  • Is the venue lighting adequate for the event to commence

  • Are all necessary signs and signage installed or removed as per event design

  • Does the venue meet requirements for safe access of disabled to this event

  • Are the welfare arrangements suitable and sufficient for this event

  • Is there sufficient toilets for the event

  • Are all welfare services in clean and serviceable condition

  • Are all areas not open to the public secured to prevent unauthorised access

  • Notes

  • Photos


  • Are there sufficient 2 way radios for event staff

  • Have venue staff and door teams been briefed with regard to the event profile and key timings.

  • Have all organisers staff been briefed with regard to venue emergency procedures.

  • Notes

  • Photos

Sign off for event to commence

  • To be signed by the promoter, event manager and venue representative.

  • All to sign in this box

  • Name and roles of signatories

  • Select date


Observations and Incidents

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Pre Event Planning


Infrastructure and overlay


Event safety

  • Health Safety and Emergency Planning. Ie Noise, waste, catering etc...

Post Event

Post Event Delapse

  • Was a post event delapse inspection carried out

  • Venue Representative

  • Organiser Representative

  • Post delapse carried out on

  • Observations

  • Add media

  • Were there any disputed issues identified during the walkround.

  • Venue signature

  • Organiser signature

Observations and Incidents

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