Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Customer Name

  • Location

Customer Details

  • Customer Title and Full Name (including any middle names)

  • Customer Home Phone Number

  • Customer Mobile Phone Number

  • Customer Email

  • Customer Address (incl post code)
  • Customer Date of Birth

  • Tenancy (Single/Joint)

  • Tenancy Type (C/HA/P)

Tenancy Details

  • Date Tenancy Started

  • Can you provide a copy of your tenancy agreement?

  • How much is your rent? (amount and frequency)

  • Are you in arrears with your rent?

  • Value of arrears (£)

  • Name of Landlord

  • Landlord phone number

  • Landlord Email

  • Landlord Address

  • Type of Property

Defect Details

  • Please describe the property defects in detail

  • When did you notice the defect? (date)

  • How many rooms does the defect affect?

  • Have you reported this to the landlord?

  • What date did you report this to your landlord?

  • Did your landlord respond? If so provide dates and details of what was communicated.

  • Provide photo evidence of the landlord correspondence if possible

  • How many times have you contacted the landlord regarding the defects?

  • Provide a list of dates and correspondence details sent to the landlord if possible

  • Describe in detail how the defects are affecting you and your family's daily routine.

  • Has your health been affected by the defects?

  • Have any of your family members' health been affected by the defects

  • Please provide names and dates of birth of those affected

  • Please detail the symptoms each of those affected are suffering

  • Have you sought medical attention regarding the heath issues experienced?

  • Have any of your belongings been damaged by the defect/s to the property

  • If yes, please provide details of the items, how they have been damaged and the cost of the item.

Property photos and media

  • Upload full photographic evidence of the defects to the property

  • Upload video of property damage

  • Assessors Signature

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