Desktop Review (This is to be undertaken pre-site visit)

0.1 Asbestos Survey: (Yearly)

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0.2 Legionella/Water Risk Assessment: (Two Yearly)

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0.3 Gas Certificate: (Yearly)

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0.4 5 Yearly Electrical Certificate:

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0.5 Fire Risk Assessment: (In-patients buildings yearly, clinics two yearly and admin/office buildings three yearly)

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0.6 Piped Medical Gas: (Yearly)

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0.7 Pressure Vessels: (Yearly)

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0.8 Window Restrictor Survey: (Yearly)

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0.9 Lift Servicing: (6 monthly)

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0.10 Generator Full Load Test: (Yearly)

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Security Inspection
1. General Security

1.1 Are the outside areas (car park) adequately lit?

1.2 Is the boundary fencing in good repair?

1.3 Is the property gated and secured at night?

1.4 Are garden areas well maintained and not overgrown? (This allows clear visibility)

1.5 Can the roof be easily accessed? (Note if it is flat / can bins or other structure be used to gain access?)

1.6 Are all external areas secure? (Rear parking / waste stores etc)

1.7 Are there any reported security issues by building users?

1.8 Is Proximity Access in use?

1.9 Are there any other Security Devices used within the building? (E.g Trellis-Guarding at windows)

1.10a Is an intruder alarm fitted?

1.10b If so, is it operational?

Additional Information:

2. Environment (External)

2.1 Are grit bins provided?

2.2 Are there any smoking related issues?

2.3 Are there any slip, trip or fall hazards?

2.4 Any significant deterioration of the building fabric?

2.5 Are external waste bin storage solutions suitable?

2.6 Is there adequate separation of vehicles and pedestrians?

2.6 Is there any vehicle traffic related issues?

3. Accessibility

3.1 Access / Egress suitable?

3.2 Adequate disabled spaces available?

3.3 Any other accessibility specific issues present?

4.1 Is there CCTV on site?

4.2 Who maintains the CCTV?

4.3 Who is the data controller?

4.4 Is the screen away from public view?

4.5 How many cameras are there on site?

4.6 Do they all work?

4.7 Is the correct signage in place?

5. Entering a property

5.1 On entering the building, were you challenged or asked who you were?

5.2 Did you show your ID?

5.3a Was there security personnel on site?

5.3b If yes, who provides this?

Health & Safety Inspection
6. Asbestos

6.1 Is there an Asbestos Survey on site?

6.2 Is there ACM requiring management in the building?

6.3 Is there a local Asbestos Management Plan?

7. Legionella

7.1 Is there a Water Risk Assessment on site?

7.2 Is there a Water Log Book on site?

7.3 Is the Water Log Book up to date?

7.4 Is there a flushing programme?

By whom?

7.5 Is there a temperature monitoring programme?

8. Gas

8.1 Is there a Gas Safe Inspection?

8.2 Has all gas catering equipment been inspected within the last 12 months?

9. Electrical Safety

9.1 Is there a Periodical Fixed Test on site?

9.2 Is there a PAT regime in place?

9.3 Are electrical sockets being used correctly? (I.e not overloaded)

9.4 Is NHS PS electrical equipment in good working order? (No damage)

9.5 Is access to live high/low voltage equipment restricted to authorised people only?

10. Lifts

10.1 Is there evidence of inspection/maintenance?

11. Pressure Vessels

11.1 Are there pressure vessels within the building?

11.2 Is there an written scheme on site?

12. Medical Gas

12.1 Is there piped medical gas on site?

12.2 Is there a MGPS Operating Procedure on site?

12.3 Has a designated nursing officer been named?

12.4 Is there bottled gas on site?

12.5 Is the bottled gases store as per HTM?

13. Generators

13.1 Are generators used at this building?

13.2 Is there evidence of maintenance on site?

14. Windows

14.1 Has the building had a window restrictor survey undertaken?

14.2 Has Clinical Provider undertaken a Risk Assessment for falls from windows?

14.3 Are windows and frames in good condition?

14.4 Are windows functioning and fully operational?

14.5 Fully open window gap less than 100mm?

14.6 Tamper proof fixings?

14.7 Fittings could withstand excessive force?

14.8 Additional control measures required (if any):

14.9 Are blinds in a safe condition?

15. Automatic Doors

15.1 Has the property got automatic doors?

15.2 Is there evidence of maintenance on site?

16. Chemicals

16.1 Are Hazardous Substances used on site?

16.2 Are they securely stored?

16.3 Are COSHH Risk Assessments available for substances used by NHS PS?

17. Housekeeping

17.1 Is the standard of cleaning good?

17.2 Is the building clear of rubbish?

18. Waste

18.1 Are there any issues with Clinical Waste?

18.2 Are there any issues with Domestic Waste?

19. Lighting

19.1 Are internal lighting levels adequate? (Offices = 500LUX / Meeting rooms = 300LUX)

19.2 Are internal light fittings operable?

19.3 Are external light levels adequate?

19.4 Are external light fittings operable?

20. Environment (Internal)

20.1 Is there adequate space for staff to work safely?

20.2 Are there any slip, trip, fall hazards?

20.3 Are handrails secured?

20.4 Is floor covering in good condition? (Not worn or damaged)

21. Welfare

21.1 Is a staff room provided?

21.2 Are the toilets in good repair?

21.3 Is hot water available?

21.4 Are staff changing rooms available?

21.5 Is drinking water provided?

22. Radiators

22.1 Are radiators covered in public areas?

22.2 Is there covering to exposed pipe work in public areas?

23. Contractor Management

23.1 Is the Health and Safety file available?

23.2 Have the contractors been inducted to site?

23.3 Is there a contractors signing sheet to say they will abide to NHS PS procedures?

24. First Aid

24.1 Do (NHS PS) staff have access to a first aid box?

24.2 Do (NHS PS) staff have access to a first aider?

24.3 Are first aid notices present and up to date?

25. Signage

25.1 Appropriate signage in place for specific hazards?

25.2 Any issues with way-finding signage?

26. Pest Control

26.1a Any obvious Pest issues?

26.1b Controls in place?

26.2 Are there any situations identified that could cause Pest issues?

27. Best Practice

27.1 Names of people who deserve recognition for good work with an e-card:

28. Health and Safety Law Poster

28.1 Is there a Health and Safety Law Poster on site (new version - where NHS PS staff are based)

29. Any Additional Issues

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30. Actions
Actions arising from inspection


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Actions arising from inspection


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Actions arising from inspection


Action required:

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Actions arising from inspection


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Date of completion:
Actions arising from inspection


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Actions arising from inspection


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Date of completion:
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.