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Please Complete and Retain

  • Introduction to the job <br>Details of how to carry out the job safely, including welfare arrangements, HR contacts, emergency contacts and training requirements.

  • Law, policy, safe systems of work, risk assessment <br>Employee’s responsibilities, policies and procedures, and awareness of relevant risk assessments.

  • Emergency arrangements<br>What to do and where to go in an emergency:<br>• Fire - exits, assembly place, alarm points, etc<br>• First aid - what are the first aid provisions e.g. first aiders, location of first aid kits<br>• Accident / incident reporting - how to report, where to send it to

  • Manual handling <br>Training, lifting procedure and safe use of lifting aids.

  • Hazardous substances <br>Risk assessment, safe handling and disposal, vaccinations.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)<br>Assess and provide, correct use and storage, reporting faults.

  • Hazard awareness / housekeeping <br>What to look for and who to report it to, a place for everything, everything in its place.

  • Equipment, tools and machinery (including electrical equipment)<br>Safe use, emergency controls, training requirements, any other health risks e.g. hand arm vibration, repetitive strain injury.

  • Health, safety and wellbeing awareness training booked<br>This is a mandatory course for all employees

  • I have instructed the above named new employee / agency worker / contractor in the health and safety requirements of the job.

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  • I have been instructed and understand the above Health and Safety arrangements.

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