SEC 3.1.1

  • Are there identification verification systems in place that prevents personnel and vehicles from unauthorised access?

  • Are there designated checkpoints where identification is verified before access is permitted?

  • Is there a requirement for authorised personnel to prominently display an identification badge?

SEC 3.1.2

  • Has the aircraft commander or his approved appointee ensured that all vehicles used to transfer arriving/departing flight crew, are searched to a standard that no prohibited articles are on board?

  • Has the security check been undertaken before the departing flight crew board the vehicle?

SEC 3.3.2

  • Has the Pilot in Command (PIC) been notified of personnel with firearms on board? – If so, has he/she been notified of the number and seat location of the authorised armed persons on board the aircraft?

SEC 3.4.1

  • Have passengers and cabin luggage been subjected to screening and searching undertaken by the appropriately trained personnel under the relevant National Aviation Security Programme?

SEC 3.4.2

  • If there are supernumeraries present, have they been subjected to screening and searching to the standards of the respective authority?

SEC 3.4.3

  • Is there screening measures in place for transfer and transit passenger and their cabin baggage?

SEC 3.4.4

  • If there has been an increased security threat, has there been supplementary screening on all flights conducted by the relevant National Authority of the state?

SEC 3.4.5

  • Does the states National Security plan require – a second screening procedure after passengers and baggage have been separated?

  • At any point were screened and unscreened passengers in the same environment?

SEC 3.4.6

  • Are there signs of crew profiling passengers – looking for signs of unusual behaviour?

SEC 3.6.1 / 3.6.2

  • Has all hold luggage been handled in accordance with the security procedures of NCASP and EC300/2008?

SEC 3.6.3

  • Has all hold luggage been safely stored in the Critical Parts of a Security Restricted Area?

  • Is all hold luggage stored in sealed containers?

  • Are there authorised staff in charge of the luggage from the moment they are taken in charge until their loading on board the aircraft?

SEC 3.6.6

  • Is baggage properly marked to show that they have been 100% hold bag screened?

SEC 3.6.7

  • Has a hold bag manifest been recorded for the departing flight?

SEC 3.6.8

  • Is there a secure area used for holding mishandled baggage until forwarded, claimed or disposed of?

SEC 3.6.10

  • Is there a process for ensuring transfer hold baggage has been screened/protected from unauthorisied interference prior to being loaded onto an aircraft for an international passenger flight?

SEC 3.6.11

  • Is there a process for ensuring transfer hold baggae has been screened/protected from unauthorisied intereference prior to being loaded onto an aircraft for a domestic passenger flight?

SEC 3.7.1

  • If the aircraft is carrying cargo and/or mail, is there an authorised cargo agent present?

  • Is the handling area clearly signposted indicating access is restricted to authorised persons only?

SEC 3.8.1

  • Upon delivery to the aircraft of the inflight supplies, have the cabin crew performed a visual check on them for signs of tampering?

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