Work Activity

  • What is the assessment number and issue

  • Where is the work located

  • What staff are affected

  • What is the nature of the work to be carried out

The Load

  • Is the load heavy

  • Is the load large / bulky

  • Is the load unwieldy / difficult to grasp

  • Are the contents unstable / likely to shift

  • Does the load show it's weight clearly marked

  • Is the weight of the load less than 20kgs

The individual / workforce

  • Are the staff adequately trained

  • Is the person too short

  • Is the person too tall

  • Is the person of small stature

  • Does the person have existing back condition

  • Does the person have any other medical issues

  • Is the person pregnant

  • Does the task require more than one person to lift the load

  • Are there too few staff to conduct the task

  • Is the staffing mix poor in terms of height and strength

  • Are staff unable to call for assistance

  • Can mechanical equipment be used instead of a manual lift

  • Are there any other issues that may give rise to risks when conducting the task

Task & Equipment

  • Does the task require stretching

  • Does the task require reaching

  • Does the task require bending

  • Does the task require twisting

  • Is the task repetitive

  • Is there a lack of mechanical handling aids

  • Are there any other issues that may cause problems when conducting the task

Working Environment

  • Is there a lack of space

  • Are the floors uneven

  • Are there any trip hazards

  • Are there any slip hazards

  • Are there variations in floor surface levels

  • Are there any stairs to contend with

  • Is the lighting level adequate

  • Are there any blind corners on the route to be taken

  • Is there a likelihood of pedestrian interaction along the route

  • Is there a likelihood of traffic interaction along the route

  • Are walkways clear of obstacles

Overall Assessment of Risk

  • Is there a HIGH risk of injury in short term and or a large number of staff affected

  • Is there a MEDIUM risk of injury in the short term

  • Is there a LOW risk of injury in the short term

  • Current arrangements are likely to ensure that NO INJURY occurs

Management Actions

  • Are there any actions required such as measures of control, training, equipment etc

  • Has an action plan been generated and agreed

  • Is there any other information to support the risk assessment

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