Title Page

  • Comm Uniform Ref

  • Conducted on

  • Officer

  • Premises Name/ Trading as

  • Contact Number

  • Premises Address
  • Email address

  • Registered Address
  • Food Business Operator

  • Registration details correct

  • Opening Times

  • Type, size, nature and scale of business

  • Changes in activities

  • Approval necessary:

  • No. of employees

  • Primary Authority

  • Inspection Plan

  • Number of Covers/ Customer Base

  • Type of Intervention

  • Vulnerable groups

  • Person seen

  • Local/ National/International

  • Language

  • Area Inspected

Main Inspection Form

Article 5 – Procedures based on the HACCP principles

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER I - General requirements for food premises (other than those specified in chapter iii)

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER II - Specific requirements in rooms where foodstuffs are prepared, treated or processed (excluding dining areas and those premises specified in chapter III)

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER III - Requirements for movable and/or temporary premises (such as marquees, market stalls, mobile sales vehicles), premises used primarily as a private dwelling-house but where foods are regularly prepared for placing on the market and vending machines

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER IV – Transport

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER V - Equipment requirements

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER VI - Food waste

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER VII - Water supply

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER VIII - Personal hygiene

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER IX - Provisions applicable to foodstuffs

  • Satisfactory


  • Satisfactory


  • Satisfactory


  • Satisfactory

Storage / Stock control

  • Satisfactory

Temperature Control

  • Satisfactory

Pest Control

  • Satisfactory

Compliance with FSA E.coli guidance assessed

  • Assessment


  • Sampling undertaken

CHAPTER X - Provisions applicable to the wrapping and packaging of foodstuffs

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER XI - Heat treatment – food in hermetically sealed containers

  • Satisfactory

CHAPTER XII - Training

  • Satisfactory

Food Information Regulations

  • Customer notification

  • Allergen Matrix/Equivalent System

  • Cross Contamination/Allergen Issues

Additonal Information

  • Referrals

  • Documents seen

  • Information Provided

  • Further Notes

  • H+S Hazard Spotting


  • Category A or B

  • Category C - Broadly compliant

  • Category C – Not broadly complaint:

  • Category D - Alternate between official controls and other interventions

  • Category E

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