• Location - Location of Facility

  • Department

  • Job/Task (Some jobs may have multiple tasks that warrant separate JHA)

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Hazard Assessment

General Area

  • Which Emergency Response Drills Apply?

  • Does any specialty training apply?

  • Is specialty PPE provided and utilized

  • What type of specialty PPE is required?

  • Additional Requirements?

  • Pedestrian management assessed (Review access to/from area, walkways, Slip/Trip/Fall potential, impact or caught by/from potential)

  • What controls can be added?

  • Traffic Management assessed (Review traffic ways, blind spots and accessibility)

  • What controls can be added?

  • Appropriate signage in place (Caution, Hot/Cold, Exit/Not and Exit, Eye wash/Shower, PPE, High Voltage, 1st Aid, No Smoking, Fire Extinguisher, Etc...)

  • What controls can be added?

Hazard Assessments

  • Are fall hazards present? (Review working at heights, overhead fall hazards, ladders, anchor points, platform railing (top rail/mid rail/toe board), aerial lifts, step stools)

  • What PPE is required?

  • Are noise levels appropriate?

  • What hearing protection applies

  • Is there potential for flying projectiles/eye injury/dusts?

  • What PPE applies?

  • Are machines present and safe guarded against? (Review moving/automated equipment, fans, chains/sprockets, pinch/nip points, barriers and securement)

  • What controls can be added?

  • Is foot protection required?

  • What PPE applies?

  • Presence of sharp material

  • What PPE applies?

  • Presence of thermal hazards (Hot or Cold)

  • What PPE applies?

  • Presence of chemicals

  • What PPE applies?

  • Are there ergonomic hazards present? I.E.>repetition, design, height, reach, mobility, access, twisting or turning

  • Is administrative or procedural controls being used to minimize hazard?

Additional site hazards

  • Are there any additional hazards?

  • Other hazards in the works area include:


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