Fill scrubber with zorb

Attach head, bladder, yoke and backplate to H-plate and run lines to addition valves

Test flow and mushroom valves on DSV

Attach counter lungs and DSV to unit

Check red o-ring and head o-rings for damage and in place

Put moisture pad followed by zorb into bucket and install onto head

Check O2 and dil cylinders gas contents.

Pressure tests

Positive pressure test. 3-5 min

Turn off dil tank and watch gauge for pressure drop. 30 seconds

Negative pressure test. 3-5 min

Turn on O2 and inject some manually. Then turn off and watch gauge for pressure drop. 30 seconds

Flush and calibrate

Turn on secondary computer and listen for solenoid

Go to calibrate menu and inject O2 until mV readings stabilise then calibrate.

Calibrate the primary HUD

Check battery levels

Test alternate air source

Immediate pre-dive

Install weights

Turn on primary HUD and secondary computer

Put unit on and ensure oxygen and dil tanks are on

Verify loop contents and pre breath unit for 5 minutes

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