KPI's and Communication

What was the Growth for Watering last Week?

What was the Growth for Plumbing last Week?

Was the information shared with store? If so Name of T/M and or Management shared with?

Watering Driving Sales - Off Locations & Focus Products

Number of Clip Strips in Store?

Number of Clip Strips gained this Call?

Number of Side-Stacks in Store?

Are promotional lines represented on Show and not in hand reserve or top stock?

Photos of Top 10 focus products being supported

If being supported with multiple off locations please give a brief breakdown of individual off locations

Photos of this months Advertised products being supported
Plumbing Driving Sales - Off Location & Focus Products
Photos of Top 5 focus products being supported
Photos of further off-locations eg. Pallets, side stacks etc
Photo of pipe storage eg. Tree racking, pigeon holes
Task Procedures
Photo showing any new products cut in
Top Stock

What is the current Top Stock Value?

Does Top Stock need to be dropped and if so has it been requested?

Key Lines Ordering - Protecting Sales

Have you ordered appropriate Stock Levels for Season Requirement?

Have you adjusted Min/Max on Key Lines to Season Requirement?

Photo of Tap Timer Bay
Photo of Trigger Gun Bay
Store And Vendor Order Value

Were Store orders placed last week and if so what was the value?

Vendor Order Values for Today's Call

Screen shot of store orders
Store Presentation

Were Damaged and Missing Boxes replaced?

Were Damaged or Missing labels replaced?

If you are missing Merchandising Material, Boxes or Stickers, please let Management Know what is required.


Notes on Call and Store. Any further and relevant information.

Call Start Time:

Call Finish Time:

Completed By:
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