Home Insurance Inspection


  • Are agreed upon modifications or repairs completed?

  • Are receipts/warranties/guarantees provided by repair contractors?

  • Is termite inspection completed?


  • Are exterior walls free of cracks or visible defects?

  • Are eaves, soffit, trim serviceable?

  • Are overgrown landscaping not too close to the building?

  • Are hose, faucets, and sprinkles serviceable?


  • No trip hazards, cracking in walkways, driveway or steps?

  • No sign of soil movement around the building?

  • Are Driveway, sidewalks, retaining walls appear serviceable?

  • Are patios, decks, porches serviceable?

  • Are covers for patios, decks, porches serviceable?

  • Are exterior steps and railings secure?

  • Are fences and gates working properly?

  • Has a satisfactory grading?

Foundation, Basement, and Crawlspace

  • Are areas dry?

  • Is there an adequate moisture protection and ventilation?

  • Is sump pump operational?

  • No evidence of water entry?

  • No sign or musty odors, mold, or mildew?

  • No tilting or bulging walls?

  • No sliding walls?

  • No cracked or heaving floors?

  • No damage or repairs to wood structure?


  • Are roofing materials aging or has a leakage?

  • Are gutters and downspouts adequate?

  • Are flashing and vents working properly?

  • Is chimney in safe condition?

  • Are chimney rain and spark arrested installed?

  • Is the chimney loosing bricks or mortar?


  • Is there an evidence of leaks?

  • Has an adequate insulation?

  • Has an adequate ventilation?

  • Is there a sign of birds/squirrels/pest habitat?

  • Has a safe roof structure?


  • Has an adequate water flow at fixtures and drains?

  • Any faucet or drainpipe leaks?

  • Has an adequate supply of water pressure?

  • Water heater is functioning properly?

  • Main shut off valves identified?

  • Clothes washer and dryer have adequate connections?


  • Adequate distribution to all rooms?

  • Systems functioning properly?

  • Shutoff valves accessible?

  • Each unit has proper electrical circuit protection?

  • Venting and combustion air appear serviceable?

  • Filter condition satisfactory?


  • Primary service adequate?

  • Safe and adequate distribution?

  • Any exposed wiring, or missing cover plates?

  • Light fixtures operational?

  • Outlets functional?

  • All GFCI working properly? (kitchen, bathroom, exterior, and garage?)


  • Any damage to interior walls, ceilings or floors?

  • Any broken or cracked windows and damaged screens?

  • Windows working properly?

  • Doors working properly?

  • Stairway and handrails safe and secure?

  • Adequate smoke alarms?

Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Stains or leaks at kitchen, bathroom or laundry sinks?

  • Any damages to cabinets, countertops, sinks or floors?

  • Toilets functioning properly?

  • Appliances functioning properly?

  • Adequate ventilation?


  • Fire rated separation from attached dwelling?

  • Garage doors functional?

  • Automatic door openers working properly?

  • Any indication of past or present water damage?

  • Excessive cracking on the floor?


  • Hearth and bricks working properly?

  • Signs of back draft?

  • Are dampers functional?

  • Gas log lighter has maintenance shutoff valve pain?

Additional Notes

  • Any other notes to include


  • Completed by

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