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  • All expansion joints properly aligned, anchored & tabs off?

  • All drainage trap arms are properly secured and graded?

  • All drainage clean outs are tightened with pipe dope(cast pipe only)

  • Location of clean outs?

  • All drainage tested?

  • Laundry boxes secured as per spec?

  • Kitchen sink rough-ins in proper location. ( Drainage 8" off centre-double sink. Drainage on centre - single sink.

  • Floor flanges pinned down/bolt hole orientation correct

  • W/C is 12" from finished wall?

  • W/C is minimum 15" from sidewall/ tubs/cabinets?

  • All equipment has been checked for proper performance?

  • When testing in winter anti-freeze added to p-traps

  • All backing for fixtures are in place.

  • All upgrades installed.

Gas risers

  • All gas risers marked & tagged

  • All gas stub outs are secure, tested, painted and proper distance from wall depending on exterior finish.

  • Suite gas valves on inside wall/handles off valve and hung on valve body?

Heating & domestic water

  • Heating pipe is not in contact with structure/behind studs on concrete. At least 1/2" gap.

  • Heating loops are pulled and fire stopped/tapped off ends and blocked

  • All 2x4's are cutout for heating runs at least 1/2" above and below

  • All heating stub outs installed?

  • All heating stubbed out 1-1/2" out from face of drywall and 3" from floor to centre of pipe.

  • All backing for H2O risers are in place

  • Water lines and water valves are in proper locations and flagged for drywallers

  • Location of water headers and recirculating valves marked for as-builts

  • Water valves fit inside walls

  • Water properly secured

  • Water mains tested

  • Water suite distribution is tested for leaks and crossed lines


  • Protection plates installed ( heating, gas, H2O, trap arms)

  • Riser clamps are installed and in wall and retightened.

  • Pipe insulation has been completed & trimmed to allow for expansion and contraction to lesson noise.

  • All h2o and heating piping wrapped with dishwasher hose to protect against Steele stud.

  • Pressure left in lines after testing.

  • All valves on slab on grade (handles removed and hung by valve)


  • Tubs properly levelled and shimmed

  • Tub and shower valves rough in heights/centred properly on tubs and showers(spout 6" above tub, valve and shower head- site specific) and diverted is at proper depth in wall.

  • Shower valves have 1/2" nipple in shower head.

  • Waste overflow has been tightened

  • Waste overflow trim kits on.

  • I hereby certify that I have inspected the above and found all items to be equal to or above required standars. Position:

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