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  • Healthcare Facility

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  • Department
  • Hospital Housekeeper

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Hospital Housekeeping Checklist

  • Unit

  • Room Number

Before entering room

  • Check isolation status

  • Perform hand hygiene

  • Don appropriate PPE

  • Place wet floor sign in front of the door

  • Check the sharps container (change if necessary)

  • Empty and clean the trash container (handle plastic bags from the top)

Patient bed

  • Raise and wipe down arm rails – high touch area

  • Wipe foot of bed

  • Discard the rag and proceed with a clean one after cleaning the bed

Move clockwise from the door and sanitize all equipment

  • Ledges (below shoulder height)

  • Door handles, knobs – high touch surfaces

  • Light switches – high touch surfaces

  • Call box – high touch surfaces

  • Telephone – high touch surfaces

  • Computer keyboard – high touch surfaces

  • Window sills and ledges

  • Soiled linen hamper lid

  • In-room patient sink and faucet

  • In-room soap dispenser and paper rag dispenser

  • Biohazard can

  • Dry erase marker

  • Overbed table – high touch surfaces

  • Patient chairs – high touch surfaces

  • Bedside tables – high touch surfaces

  • All other easily accessible wall mounted equipment

  • Clean commode frame and seat cover last

Patient restroom

  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner and wipe dry with a paper towel

  • Light switches – high touch surfaces

  • Door handles, knobs – high touch surfaces

  • Hand rails – high touch surfaces

  • Sink and sink counter – high touch surfaces

  • Clean soap and paper towel dispensers

  • Wipe shower or tub

  • Spot walls

  • Clean commode frame and seat cover

  • Change rags before cleaning the toilet


  • Toilet paper dispenser

  • Toilet flusher – high touch area

  • Toilet seat – high touch area

  • Under the bowl

  • Toilet rim

  • Clean inside of bowl with disinfectant cleaner and toilet brush

Before leaving room

  • Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene

  • Restock supplies

  • Mop floor

  • Perform hand hygiene

  • Remove wet floor sign after the floor has dried


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