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  • GLASS - Clean, free of hand written notices with correct hanging poster if applicable

  • ENTRANCE - Door open, entrance welcoming, mat clean

  • EXTERIOR LIGHTING - All working, switched on

  • PAINTWORK - Clean, maintained and paint touched up

  • FASCIA & SIGNAGE - Clean

  • A-BOARD - Relevant message on display

  • CANOPY/PARASOLS - Clean and in good order. Out if applicable

  • OUTSIDE SEATING - In good condition and clean. Set up and ready for service (cushion, live plants, blankets)

  • OUTSIDE AREA - Swept, weed and litter free (jet washed if needed)

  • MENU BOX - Clean, lit, not faded

  • PLANTING - Clean, litter free and alive!

  • WAIT STATION - Wait Station available and in good condition - fully stocked up


  • FLOOR - Clean, including edges and skirting

  • FLOWERS/PLANTS - Fresh as a daisy & in clean water

  • LIGHTING - All working & clean, at the appropriate level, candles clean and lit if applicable

  • SEATING - Clean & in good repair (no rips)

  • WALLS/CEILING/PAINTWORK - Clean, dust free, paint in good condition

  • MIRROR & PICTURES - Dust & smear free. Relevant message displayed

  • AIR CONDITIONING - Working and dust free. Temperature set appropriate for the guest

  • TABLES - Clean, set ready for the day part service. Check base and for chewing gum. Tables stable

  • HIGH CHAIRS - Clean, safety harness working

  • MENU'S - All day parts available, in good condition

  • POS - Correct POS available (i.e.: table talkers or bill card when appropriate)

  • MUSIC - On, at the right level for the guest

  • STATIONS - Clean and ready for service

  • BAR - Ready for service, clean and stocked with correct condiments (lime wedges, lemon slices, orange slices, ice and fresh mint)

  • BAR - Coffee machine and grinder calibrated


  • TOILETS - Locks work, all items stocked, coat hook in tact, handryer working, bins not overflowing, sparkling clean

  • BABY CHANGE - Stocked, clean, bin not overflowing, in working order - check for safety belt

  • DISABLED TOILET - Emergency alarm fully working as well as the grab rail


  • MANAGER - Are they leading the shift?

  • FOH - Is the standard of hospitality reflective of our service steps? Are our guests happy?

  • BOH - Is the food to our specifications?

  • GUESTS - Are they happy? Talk to them, what learnings can we take?


  • DELI - Enticing displays appropriate for the day part, tasters available (if appropriate), clean

  • DELI - Everything should look abundant (olives, parmesan, cakes, etc.)

  • DELI - Full shelves with products facing forward with appropriate labels and POS tags if applicable. Check FIFO

  • DELI -Ready for service - utensils, take out area & coffee to go fully stocked up

  • DELI - Labels - Labels - Labels including allergen signage


  • KITCHEN - Clean and tidy kitchen. Wall and fitting in good repair.

  • KITCHEN - Uniform and appearance

  • KITCHEN - Check prepped items, are they to our standard? Check fridges to ensure FIFO is in place.


  • CHEAT SHEET - Ready for the day with clear duties and sections

  • SHIFT BRIEFING - Ask the team about the days briefing, FOH & BOH. What did they learn?

  • TEAM - Are they engaged? Speak to them

  • TEAM AREA - Clean and tidy, positive messages displayed

  • APPetite - Regular postings and interaction from the team

  • FAMIGLIA REWARDS - Are all team are aware and registered?

  • UNIFORM - To standard, dressed for success. FOH, BOH & manager


  • Pest Record up to date, record any actions

  • CORRIDORS - Clean and tidy. Fire standards in place

  • EXTERNAL AREAS - Weeded and clean, bins not overflowing

  • FOOD SAFETY - Standards to the level that will deliver a 5 star EHO visit

  • HEALTH & SAFETY - Business is compliant to H&S regulations


  • PRODUCTIVITY - Have we got the right team in the right places?

  • FOOD & BAR STOCK -Are our levels correct to the volume of sales expected?

  • FORECAST - Is there evidence of the forecast being flexed?

  • REPUTATION RESULTS & MD - Check reputation score and MD - come up with action plans

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - Evidence of monthly QA with action plans

  • P & L - Evidence of an action plan, and the action happening

  • CONSUMABLES - Stored efficiently to prevent over ordering and damage. Levels reflective of sales volume

  • SALES - Evidence of sales targets for the shift and incentives for the team to make this happen

  • SECURITY - Money in the safe, banking happening regularly, floats balanced. Doors locked as appropriate




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